Massey University research focuses on health and production issues that limit horse breeding, rearing and performance. This includes athlete and recreational horses and ponies.

Research expertise


We are researching new treatments for tendon injuries, investigating impact-induced fractures in bone tissue, and looking at the effects of age, exercise and disease on bone and cartilage microstructure.


Equine production, management and health

We have research expertise examining on-farm and industry level limitations in production and equine health across in both the racing and sport horse industries. We are working to reduce disease and improve equine health and welfare.

This includes epidemiological studies assessing risk factors, system analysis and computer modelling.


Horse nutrition

Pasture production is an important aspect of equine nutrition in New Zealand. We have a number of on-farm projects examining pasture growth and utilisation under commercial conditions.

We provide feed evaluation and characterisation, with in vitro and in vivo modelling as major research focuses. We are developing novel assays, particularly bioassays and gut function modelling.

Commercial and research partners can undertake comprehensive evaluation, development and optimisation of equine feeds and supplements through practical feeding trials and detailed laboratory analyses.


Veterinary medicine for horses

Clinical research is undertaken to determine safety of newly-developed drugs/treatments for horses. We also operate controlled trials to compare efficacy of treatment.


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Research projects


    Animal Genetic Services

    Massey University’s Equine Parentage and Animal Genetics Services Centre offers the most comprehensive range of DNA-based genetic testing for animals in New Zealand.

    Animal Genetic Services

    Equine Veterinary Clinic

    Our highly skilled equine team offers a broad range of medical and surgical expertise. You can bring your horse in by appointment or ask your vet to refer your horse to us in difficult cases.

    We are supported by experienced and qualified anaesthetists, nurses, technicians, clinical pathologists, and diagnostic imaging specialists allowing us to provide 24-hour intensive care.

    Equine Veterinary Clinic

    Research centres

      Animal Welfare Science and Bioethics Centre

      The Centre focuses on animal welfare in a diverse range of human-animal interactions. This includes the use of animals in research, teaching and testing, on farms, in the home, for sport, recreation and entertainment, in service roles, in zoos and the wild, and in other arenas.

      Animal Welfare Science and Bioethics Centre

      Equine Research Centre

      Much of the equine research carried out in New Zealand is conducted at Massey University. Our aim is to perform scientific research and promote education to optimise equine health, welfare and the productivity of the equine industry.

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      Monogastric Research Centre

      The Centre is an Australasian Centre of Excellence on monogastric species. Research focuses on feed evaluation, nutrition, husbandry and welfare. It provides a focal point for the New Zealand monogastric industries and has extensive international linkages.

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