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Research expertise

Airport and airline performance

The dynamics of the air transport industry and the tourism industry, including air transport regulatory environments, airline and airport productivity and efficiency, aviation demand forecasting, future tourism activities and trends and its relationship with air transport industry.


Alternative fuels and sustainable options

Research into alternative fuels and sustainability, for example applications of biodiesel on a general aviation diesel engine and a micro-turbo jet engine.


Aviation decision making

Decision making in aviation; particularly those decisions which might affect safety in general aviation.

We also have special interests in the fields of statistics, safety and psychology/human factors.



Research into miscommunications in air traffic and implications for safety.


Sustainable aviation growth

Sustainable development in aviation, for example how environmental friendly and customer-oriented practices can lead to sustainable growth in aviation.


UAVs and simulators

Our research is investigating developing low-cost simulators and apps to aid pilot decision making.

We are also actively researching UAV developments and simulators. For example we work on mathematical models of force feed-back on the control column of a low cost simulator.



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