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Distance Education

What is International distance education?

International distance education is what we call students living outside New Zealand studying for a degree or qualification through distance learning either fully or partially online.


What does 'Delivery is fully online' mean?

'Delivery is fully online' refers to study via the Internet through Massey University’s online learning environment  called Stream. It combines online interaction between staff and students, access to course content in a digital format along with administration, submission of assignments and feedback mainly via the Internet.


What does 'Delivery is partially online' mean?

'Delivery is partially online' refers to a combination of print-based study material and online learning via the Internet, using Massey University’s online learning environment (Stream).

Some printed materials are sent to students and this is supported by online interaction between staff and students, access to additional course content in a digital format, and administration, submission of assignments and feedback via the Internet.

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What does 'Contact Workshop available' mean?

'Contact Workshop available' indicates that the degree or qualification may have the option of a residential Contact Workshop for students. This is a chance for students to meet face-to-face with course staff and fellow students.

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What is a 'Course'?

Course refers to an individual unit or module of study that contributes to a degree or qualification.

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What is a 'Programme'?

Programme refers to a whole degree or qualification that consists of separate courses.

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What is Stream?

Stream refers to Massey University's online learning environment. Depending on each course, students may have access to online discussion forums, the latest news in their subject, course notes, recent journal articles, podcasts, videos, online presentations, interactive exercises and activities, tests and quizzes. Stream also provides access to an electronic drop-box facility that allows online submission of assignments.

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How long do I have to complete my program of study?

A normal full-time programme load at Massey University is 60 credits (4 courses) per semester and 120 credits (8 courses) per year. We understand that distance learning students have many commitments aside from study, and we allow up to eight years for you to complete your study (the equivalent of 45 credits or 3 courses per year).

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