Our Wellington and Manawatū campuses are open, Auckland remains closed at AL4. More information.

Selecting your courses

It is important that you fill in the proposed classes section of the form correctly as this is essential for your enrolment at Massey and for the successful transfer of credit to your home university.

Martinborough trip.jpg How to select courses to study at Massey

Our What Can I Study page is the best place to begin looking for courses.  List four to six courses on your application to study at Massey. We will review the courses you've selected and your home university transcript to ensure you meet any prerequisites.

We will let you know before you arrive if your courses have been approved. If your choices are not approved, we will recommend alternative options. The normal full-time course load at Massey is 60 credits per semester.  This generally equates to four courses per semester.

Step 1: check the campus

Some courses are only offered on certain Massey campuses.  Be sure the courses you are considering are available on the campus you plan to attend.

Step 2: check the semester availability and duration

Ensure each course is available in the semester you are planning to study at Massey. For example, if you are planning to study at Massey in Semester One, then make sure the course will be taught in Semester One.

Also, check the course duration.  Some courses are taught over an academic year (February to November).  This is known as a double semester course. Do not select a double semester course if you are planning to study at Massey for only one semester.

Step 3: check the mode of study

Massey offers some online courses.  These are known as distance or extramural courses. International students are not able to study full-time in this mode and your university's policies may restrict you from taking distance courses.  Please only choose internal courses.

Step 4: check the course level

Courses at Massey are coded with a six digit number. The first three numbers represent the subject code.  The fourth digit refers to the year of study. 130.100 is a first-year undergraduate course, 167.233 is a second-year undergraduate course, and 266.359 is a third-year undergraduate course.

Postgraduate courses at Massey begin with the number seven and Masters courses begin with eight.  For example, 198.700 is a postgraduate honours course and 110.804 is a Masters course.

Please do not select 0-level courses (e.g. 123.034) as these are pre-degree courses will not credit back to your home university.

Step 5: check the prerequisite requirements

Check you are eligible to take your selected courses by reading the prerequisite requirements. You will only be admitted into advanced courses if you meet the prerequisites.

Some of our courses within the College of Creative Arts require the submission of a portfolio.  Contact a Student Mobility Coordinator for more information.