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We help develop the directors of tomorrow

Massey Executive Development customises governance development programmes for large private and public sector organisations. Our programmes are designed to suit the needs of the client, be they small to medium or large corporates. We have worked with private and public sector organisations to develop current and future directors through induction courses, development programmes, networking events, masterclasses or conferences.  

We also offer a one-year governance development programme aimed at serving or emerging directors in co-operative-styled companies.  

Topics include: 

  • Understanding the responsibilities of directors and trustees 

  • Risk management 

  • The role of the board versus management 

  • Appointing a chief executive 

  • Remuneration and succession planning 

  • Understanding partnerships with Maori 

  • Managing treasury functions 

A feature of our programmes is the emphasis on boardroom practice using a range of simulations and moot board meetings. These ensure that directors are comfortable to face a range of situations when acting as directors.