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Photometric Laboratory

Susan Mander Photometric Laboratory

Are you a lighting importer or product developer? 

Our Albany campus houses a photometric laboratory, which is available to assist the lighting industry and is capable of measuring many characteristics of lamps and luminaires. 

Our cost-effective testing can be used to:

- flag underperforming products

- develop products through iterative procedures using different control settings or optics

- check light source output for compliance with regulations

- test photometric properties over life


Standards services are listed below.


Service Description Sample Output
Standard Testing in Integrating Sphere
Spectral Distribution Wavelengths in the visible range (380 nm to 780 nm). Spectral Distribution
Chromaticity Coordinates Colour of a light source in terms of (x, y) and (u’, v’) coordinates set against the relevant ANSI/NEMA quadrant. Chromaticity Coordinates
Correlated Colour Temperature Colour of a light source in Kelvin. 2855 K
Luminous Flux Amount of light emitted in all directions in lumens. 370.1 lumens
Chromaticity Difference The position of chromaticity coordinates relative to the blackbody locus. 0.00015 Duv
Colour Rendering Index (Ra) How realistically a light source can reproduce the colour of an object. Ra=83.2
R1 – R8 Colour rendering of the eight individual samples that comprise Ra. R1=82  R2=93  R3=94  R5=83  R6=93  R7=81  R8=59 
R9 Colour rendering of a specific red sample.  This is not included in Ra. R9=10
R10-R14 additional samples that are not included in Ra. R10=85  R11=80  R12=77  R13=86  R14=98  R15=75
TM-30 Value Colour rendering of a light source using IESNA TM-30 methodology. Rf=82  Rg=93
Power Total power used by the light source and associated ballast/driver in watts. 5.62 W
Power Factor Power factor of the light source when used with the associated ballast/driver. 0.56
Luminous Efficacy Luminous flux produced per watt of electricity. 65.9 lm/W

Standalone tests
Illuminance The amount of light (per square metre) that falls on a surface.  Measured in lux.  21 lux
Luminance The intensity of a source or surface (in the direction of the observer) divided by the area of the source (or surface) seen by the observer.  Measured in candelas per square metre.  Often used to determine the “brightness” of surfaces, such as signs. 168 cd/m2
Flicker Modulation of the light output.
Other services Contact us to discuss.

Request a Quotation:

Please contact Susan Mander for a quotation and turn-around details.  Discounts may apply for bulk testing of the same product in different scenarios.

Note that while the laboratory is not IANZ-accredited, our calibration lamps are traceable to NIM (National Institute of Metrology China).

Shipping Address:

Attn: Susan Mander
Massey University
School of Built Environment
Level 3, Quad A Building
Massey University Auckland (East Precinct)
Albany Expressway (SH17)
Auckland 0632

For all other enquiries contact:

Susan Mander
+64 9 213 6328