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Our Team & Job Opportunities

On this page, find out more about who we are as a team as well as advertisements for all Feast positions, incl.

  • research,
  • teaching,
  • technical,
  • administrative positions and
  • PhD and Masters studentships.

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If you are studying towards your Masters or PhD at another university but are interested in a 6-month internship with Feast, we would love to hear from you. Your application/expression of interest can be submitted to: feast@massey.ac.nz

Find out more about us

Meet some of the Feast team

Feast, the Food Experience and Sensory Testing Lab, was established on 22 June 2018.

Prof Joanne Hort

Professor Joanne Hort, the Director of Feast, currently leads a team of:

  • 2 administrators,
  • 2 research officers,
  • 3 post-doctoral fellows,
  • 2 technicians, and
  • quite a few PhD students in various stages of completion

To find out more about Joanne, have a look at her Massey University profile: Prof Hort Profile

We have a world-class research programme. We are experts with years of experience at the cutting edge of sensory and consumer science. We investigate, e.g.:

- consumer behaviour - sensory properties of food/beverages - individual variation in perception - sustainable nutrition -

- links between shopping behaviour and packaging/labelling - alternative proteins -

We are proud of our team culture

Emotional Culture

Contact details

Jen Larking, Feast Administrator

Email: feast@massey.ac.nz

telephone: +64 6 951 6259

Hours of work: 8.30 am - 3.15 pm 

Courier address

​​​​​​​Massey University
School of Food & Advanced Technology
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Food Experience & Sensory Testing Laboratory
Ground Floor Reception
Riddet Building
Riddet Road
Palmerston North 4410

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