Dairy 1 - research areas


Assessing the value of real-time pasture nutritive value measurement in a pasture-based dairy farm system

We have adapted technology to obtain rapid measurements of the nutritive value of pasture on the farm with the purpose of assessing the influence of daily variation of nutritive value on cow performance. It will provide farmers with evidence to develop strategies to support their grazing decision-making.


Prof Nicola Shadbolt
Prof Nicolas Lopez-Villalobos
Dr Ina Draganova
Prof Ian Yules
Student: Mr Federico Duranovich

Growing perennial crops for dairying

The aim of the crop research as part of Project Dairy 1 is to develop a better understanding of seasonal dry matter production of lucerne and a chicory, plantain and clover sward mix.  The research will contribute to a better understanding of the production of perennial pastures on alluvial soils. Farmers will be able to use the results to inform decision making around using alternative pastures to grass, including factors such as reseeding potential, drought resilience and feed quality. 

 - Natural seedling recruitment of Plantago lanceolata cv. ‘Ceres Tonic’ in an established sward


Dr Lydia Cranston
Professor Peter Kemp
Mr Martin Correa Luna

Assessment of transport and transformation of nitrogen in the subsurface environment

Field measurements on Dairy 1 and lab experiments are being used to develop methods and procedures to assess and characterise the transport and transformation of nitrate-nitrogen in alluvial unsaturated and saturated (shallow groundwater) zones. With the results of this research farmers will be able to identify the capacity of their land to transport and transform nitrogen, and understand the soil and landuse practises that will reduce the amount of nitrogen reaching waterways, while maintaining productivity. 

 - Video Rural Delivery - Dairy1 Project


Dr Ranvir Singh
Associate Professor David Horne

Productive and reproductive performance of dairy cows milked once-a-day

The strategy on Dairy 1 is to have a herd comprising Jersey, Holstein-Friesian and Friesian Jersey cross-bred cows. Research underway on Dairy 1 is examining the productivity and reproductive performance of the three breeds and the effect of a Once-a-day Selection Index on the three groups.

 - Regression of traits-other-than-production phenotypes for cows milked once a day on estimated breeding values obtained from cows milked twice a day


Professor Nicolas Lopez-Villalobos

Dairy1 cowshed pic Measuring the environmental footprint of milk

Project Dairy 1 is using a life cycle assessment methodology to measure the environmental footprint of milk produced at the farm. Results from this work will be used to measure the impact of initiatives aimed at reducing the impact of milk production on the environment. 

 - Environmental evaluation of OAD milking on a pasture-based dairy system in NZ


Associate Professor Sarah McLaren
Dr Marisia Silva