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Postgraduate students

A large number of postgraduate students have graduated having undertaken their degrees in the Centre. Active research represents the major part of doctoral and masters degrees. The topics are diverse, as indicated by the range of thesis titles listed for completed degrees and those in progress.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - completed
PhDs – in progress
Masters – completed
Masters – in progress        
Honours and Diplomas - completed
Honours and Diplomas – in progress   

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – completed

  • Cameron, E. 1998.  Maternal investment in Kaimanawa Horses
  • Fox, S.M. 1998. Assessment of perioperative analgesic administration in dogs.
  • Lentle, R. 1998. Feeding strategies of the Tammar Wallaby
  • Linklater, W. 1998. Social and spatial organisation of horses
  • Murrell, J. 2001. Spontaneous EEG changes in the equine surgical patients
  • Ridler, A. 2002.  Studies of Brucella ovis infection in deer
  • Wichtel, ME. 2002. Exocrine pancreatic function in the dog
  • Littin, K.E. 2004. Physiological, pathophysiological and welfare aspects of toxicant use in possums
  • Lloyd, J. 2004   Matching guide dog and handler
  • Everett-Hinks, J. 2004.   Maternal behaviour of fecund ewes
  • Beausoleil, N. 2006. The human-dog sheep relationship
  • Lizarraga-Madrigal, I. 2006. Spinal analgesic interaction between anti-inflammatory drugs and receptor systems
  • Corner, R. 2008. Pregnancy stress and lamb survival
  • Gibson, T. 2008. EEG assessment of neck-cut slaughter of cattle
  • Kongara, K. 2008. Renal safety and preventive analgesic efficacy of Tramadol and parecoxib in dogs
  • Stewart, M. 2008. Thermography and stress in cattle.
  • Kerslake, J. 2010. Improving triplet lamb survival in New Zealand
  • Diesch, T.J. 2010. Postnatal responsiveness, arousal and awareness Tammar wallaby joeys, rat pups and lambs
  • Singh, P. 2010. Pharmacology of analgesic drugs in birds
  • McIlhone, 2011. Use of EEG to evaluate consciousness, pain and euthanasia in chickens
  • Flint, E. 2013. The social significance of barking in New Zealand dogs.
  • Farnworth, M. 2014. Pain assessment and alleviation in domestic cats (Dean’s list of exceptional theses)
  • Flint, P. 2014. Welfare aspects of velvet antler removal in red deer.
  • Guesgen, M. 2015. Social function of pain-related behaviour and novel techniques for assessing pain in lambs.
  • Gronqvist GV. 2015. The effect of maternal nutrition during mid to late-pregnancy on ewe and lamb behavior  and association with lamb survival.
  • Aaron Gilmour A.2015  Long term neural cell culture systems for preclinical assessment of biomaterials

PhDs - in progress

  • Brown, S. A marker for prolapsed cervix in the ewe
  • Reid, C. Damage to sheep by Kea
  • Sharma, M. Survival of triplet born lambs
  • Crosse, K. Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome in dogs.
  • Deeming L. Dairy goat husbandry and welfare.
  • Kells, N. EEG responses of piglets to tail docking.
  • Littlewood, K. End of life management and quality of life assessment for geriatric cats.
  • Squance, H. Animal welfare in disasters.
  • Stratton, R. Assessment of positive emotions in horse
  • Hiroki, S. Cardiovascular function and fluid replacement during anaesthesia.
  • Sawiki R Novel analgesic strategies in small animal surgery.

Masters - completed

  • S. J. Lester. MSc. Evaluation of castration and tail docking distress in lambs. 1991.
  • M. Foreman. MSc. Stress responses in grey duck and mallards. 1994.
  • Natalie J. Petrie. MSc. Assessment of tail docking and disbudding distress and its alleviation in calves. 1994.
  • Roger G Lentle. MSc. The use of anatomical features of the stomach to investigate the nutritional status of deer populations. 1994.
  • Allison J. Franklin. MSc. Patterns of dispersion, behaviour and reproduction in feral horses (Equus caballus), and plant growth in Argo Valley , Waiouru. 1995.
  • Andrew S. Dinniss. MSc. Assessment and alleviation of castration distress in lamb. 1995.
  • Cheryl M. McMeekan. MSc. An e valuation of strategies for alleviating dehorning distress in calves. 1997.
  • Vera Weilburg. MVSc. Prevention of antler growth in deer. 1996.
  • Todd, S. (MSc) 1998. Effects of transport and starvation on the behaviour and physiology of calves
  • Wesselink, R. (MSc) 1998. Physical and behavioural characteristics of premature and twin calves
  • Sutherland, M. (MSc) 1999. Alleviation of ring castration plus tailing distress of lambs and dehorning distress of calves
  • Sutherland, R. (MSc) 1998. Factors influencing the grazing of ragwort (Senecio jacobeaa) by sheep on a hill country farm
  • Littin, K. (MSc) 1999. Social rank and stress in birds.
  • Kyngdon, D. (MSc) 2000. The behaviour and vocalisations of common dolphins Delphinus delphis at Marineland, Napier, New Zealand
  • McComb, S. 2000 (MA) Human calming of dog arousal.
  • Bartels, M. 2002 (MVS) Studies of local anaesthesia for velvet antler anaesthesia
  • Diesch, T. 2002. (MSc) The physiological status of newborn dairy calves
  • Dulovic, S. 2000. (MSc) Pathophysiological effects of diagnostic ultrasound on the fetus and newborn.
  • Kyono, M. 2002. (MSc) Dog quality in the New Zealand Police Dog Service
  • Mello, P. 2002. (MSc)  The physiological and behavioural effects of round ring training in horses
  • Phipps, N. 2002. (MSc) The success of re-homing dogs and cats from New Zealand animal shelters
  • Roesch, H. 2002. (MSc) Environmental enrichment for wild and domestic cats
  • Sylvester, S. 2002. (MSc) Evaluation of dehorning distress and its alleviation in calves
  • Weeks, E. 2002. (MSc) Milk production by New Zealand Sea Lions
  • Ward, M. 2003. (MVS) Treatment of inappropriate behaviour in dogs
  • Browne, C. 2005. (MSc) The use of dogs to detect New Zealand reptile scents
  • Hean, R. 2005. (MSc) Does the attitude of veterinary students influence how dogs respond to them?
  • McGregor, M. 2005. (MSc) EEG responses to somatic and visceral nociception
  • Wake, A. 2005. (MSc) The aetiology of dog bites in New Zealand
  • Young, S. 2005. (MSc) The effect of predator presence on pain behaviour in sheep
  • Thomas, S. 2006. (MSc) Does the presence of a predator modify pain behaviour in sheep?
  • Song, Y. (MSc) 2006. The social behaviour of cats housed in a laboratory cages
  • de Freitas Aiex, L. (MSc) 2007. Birth weight and growth of New Zealand Thoroughbred foals
  • Erceg, V. (MVS ) 2009. Predicting adult dog behaviour
  • Gilmour, A. (MSc) 2010. Investigation of carboxylated mulit-walled carbon nanotube cytotoxicity in vitro
  • Pifeleti, S. (MSc) 2011. Effects of early painful experiences on subsequent pain sensitivity in lambs
  • Wendland, T. (MSc) 2011.Development of a novel cat litter from olive oil waste products
  • Cook, J. 2012 (MSC). Remote monitoring of dog behaviour
  • Green, T. 2012. (MSc) Social rank and feed conversion efficiency in dairy heifers.
  • Kells, N. 2012. (MSc). Welfare impacts of gaseous methods for on-farm euthanasia of suckling piglets.
  • Barrett, L. 2013. (MSc) Thermal nociceptive threshold testing, analgesic drugs and the pain response of dairy cattle.
  • Beer, L. 2015 (MVSc – Melbourne) Welfare of the Greyhound
  • Phoon, C. 2015. (MSc) Can dogs detect economically important beetle species?
  • Trebilcock, T. 2016. (MSc) Brain electrical responses to pain in birds with implanted electrodes.
  • Bowden, J. 2016. (MSc) Effect of breed on thermal pain sensitivity in dogs.
  • Impey, S. 2016 (MVSc) Early pain affects EEG responses of lambs to subsequent docking.
  • Phillips, K. 2016. (MVM) Comparing the Five Domains Model and the Generic Illness Severity Index for Dogs for evaluating potential welfare impacts of several canine inherited disorders
  • Bailey, K. 2016. (MVS) Sub-Tenon’s anaesthesia for canine ophthalmic surgery

Masters – in progress

  • Challand, T. Dog conformation and dog consumer preferences.
  • Davis, C. Demographics and management practices of New Zealand dogs and their owners.
  • Elgie, L. Hereditary diseases in dogs
  • Ingram, R. Sensory preferences of New Zealand parakeets.
  • Palmer, A. Prevalence of indicators of poor welfare in NZ bobby calves.
  • Robertson, B. Housing preferences in NZ dairy goats.
  • Wells, A. Tail docking in dogs
  • Palmer, A. Indicators of welfare in bobby calves.
  • Goh, SY. The influence of coat colour on noxious stimulation in the cat.

Honours and Diplomas – completed

  • Kyle. 1991 (BPhil). Studies of cat behaviour and diets.
  • Simone O Hoskin. 1993 (BAppSci Hons). The digestion, rumen fermentation and chewing behaviour of red deer fed fresh chicory and perennial ryegrass.
  • Andrew J Howse. 1994 (BAppSci Hons). Digestion and chewing efficiency of sambar deer and red deer consuming a low roughage diet.
  • Allison Balle. 1997 (DipAppSci). The effects of cow behaviour and the environment on colostrum transfer from cows to calves.
  • Brown, K. 1998. (BAppSci)  The behavioural effect of putting blankets on non-worked horses during winter in the Manawatu
  • Crawley-Hatrick, O. 1998. (BSc) Human-horse behavioural interaction and the effects of human confidence levels
  • Welford, N. 1998. (PGDipAppSci) Formation of a recording system for selection of future guide dogs
  • Brown-Douglas, C. 2000. (BAppSci) The prediction of foaling using colostral constituents.
  • Battersby, P. 2004. (BSc) Development of brainstem auditory evoked potentials in the common dolphin (Delphinus delphis) out of water
  • Waters, D. 2005. (BSc) Does heart shape affect work output in fishes?
  • McIlhone, A. 2006 (BSc) Gut development in wallaby joeys
  • Presow, R. 2008. (BSc) Some effects of different anaesthetic protocols on the total power spectrum of the electroencephalogram in ponies.
  • Zoe Matthews. 2009 (BSc Hons). Therapeutic applications of nanomaterials.
  • Guesgen, M. 2010 (BSc Hons). Does early handling affect pain sensitivity in lambs.
  • Littlewood, K. 2016. (PGDip) Quality of life assessment used for research, companion, and zoo animals.
  • Bear, R. 2016 (PGDipSc) Knowledge and practice of Kangaroo Mother Care in a human neonatal intensive care unit in New Zealand.

Honours and Diploma - in progress

  • du Pleissis, W. (BSc Hons) Validation of an approach-avoidance paradigm for evaluating aversion in chickens.