Industrial/organisational psychology


What is industrial/organisational psychology?

Industrial/organisational psychology (I/O), or work psychology, is a vibrant, dynamic field of psychological practice with good job opportunities worldwide.

The I/O programme at Massey considers both business and community issues. I/O psychologists can serve in a variety of roles, generating financial or social capital, or both.

As social critics, many I/O psychologists see themselves as serving the employee as much as the organisation, hence the alternative title, work psychology.

Overview of I/O specialisation

The I/O specialisation comprises a full range of 700-level postgraduate courses within the honours or master's degree, and includes the possibility of a research thesis in the I/O area. The courses are listed below. 

Industrial/organisational psychology courses

If you wish to pursue a professional career in organisational psychology, you will normally be expected to complete the following courses:

175.730 Professional Practice in Psychology
175.732 Psychological Well-being in Organisations
175.733 Sustainable Livelihood
175.737 Occupational Psychology
175.741 Psychological Assessment in Organisations
175.746 Psychological Research: Multivariate Data Analysis
175.748 Psychology of Organisational Change

Plus the compulsory course:
175.738 Psychological Research: Principles and Design

Please note that not all of these courses are offered every year.  Alternative psychology courses that might be relevant to I/O are:

175.743 Health Psychology: The Social Context
175.729 Psychology and Culture

Psychology students are able to include up to 30 credits of courses from outside Psychology in their degree.  Accordingly, if you are interested in I/O psychology, you might like to consider the following courses from the College of Business (note that each of these courses is worth 30 credits).

114.702 Human Resource Management and Workplace Relations
114.709 Managing the Employment Relationship
114.761 International Human Resource Management

Academic enquiries

For academic enquiries about the industrial/organisational specialisation please contact:

Joanne Stevenson
Academic advisor support
Industrial/Organisational Psychology Programme
School of Psychology
Massey University
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Palmerston North

Tel: (+64) 06 356-9099 extension 85072