Postgraduate specialisations in psychology , Ngā ara whāiti o te mātai hinengaro

At the postgraduate level many psychology students decide to specialise in just one area. Learn about the range of specialisations we offer.

Our School of Psychology offers postgraduate students specialist study in three applied areas:

  • health psychology
  • clinical psychology
  • industrial/organisational psychology.

You can also focus on critical psychology and experimental psychology.

Specialisation is optional. You can choose courses from the full range of 700-level courses within our honours and masters qualifications.

Health psychology

Our postgraduate courses give an overview of health psychology, emphasising:

  • community
  • public health
  • critical health psychology.

Qualifications have research and practical applications.

You'll get skills and knowledge to make you a critical and reflective health psychology expert in your research or working life.

What health psychology is

Health psychology is the application of psychological knowledge to all aspects of physical health, illness and disease. It includes different perspectives.

Basic health psychology

Psychological factors involved in the onset of illness, coping with illness and adherence to health regimes.

Occupational health psychology

Health in the workplace, stress and work, environmental influences on health.

Clinical health psychology

People in hospitals, people with illness and disease and systems of care.

Community health psychology

Social and community factors involved in health and illness, health promotion, and public health.

Critical health psychology

How power and structural issues influence health and illness at cultural and individual levels.

Study health psychology

There are two postgraduate pathways to studying health psychology at Massey.

Practical pathway

Massey is the only university in New Zealand to offer a practicum course as part of a master's degree in psychology.

You get supervised practical experience in a health-related organisation while learning critical and transferable skills. We have links with workplaces throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. You’ll also gain research experience to get you ready for the workplace.

Research pathway

International connections

We have a strong international orientation. Our staff have presented seminars and contributed to teaching programmes in health psychology in the United Kingdom and Europe.

We also have strong ties with the European Health Psychology Society and the International Society of Critical Health Psychology.

European Health Psychology Society
International Society of Critical Health Psychology

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Get academic advice about health psychology at Massey.

Clinical psychology

Clinical psychology uses psychological techniques to help solve a wide variety of mental, physical, behavioural and relationship problems.

Clinical psychology training at Massey

We train students to become registered clinical psychologists through our professional clinical psychology training.

Students enrolled in these qualifications can apply for 700-level courses in clinical psychology:

  • Postgraduate Diploma
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours)
  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Science

Priority is given to students chosen for clinical psychology training.

We advise students who intend to apply for clinical psychology training later to choose courses from this specialisation at 700-level. Approval into these courses is not guaranteed.

Manual for clinical psychology

The Clinical Programme Manual gives you an overview of the qualifications and order of study for studying clinical psychology.

Qualify in clinical psychology

We offer two pathways to qualification in clinical psychology. Both let you apply for registration under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act (2003) (HPCA). You can also apply for jobs and practise as a registered clinical psychologist. 

Clinical psychology courses

Compulsory course

The clinical courses have restricted numbers, and students selected for clinical psychology training will have places reserved in these courses.

If you're unsuccessful in getting a place in the clinical courses, you'll be given a timeframe in which you'll have to enrol for replacement postgraduate psychology courses.

How to apply

Follow the application advice through either of the qualifications mentioned above.

Industrial/organisational or work psychology

Industrial/organisational (I/O) psychology at Massey considers business and community issues.

I/O psychologists can serve in a variety of roles. Many see themselves as serving the employee as much as the organisation, which is where the title of 'work psychology' comes from.

It's a vibrant, dynamic field of psychological practice with good job opportunities worldwide.

Study industrial/organisational psychology

We offer a full range of 700-level industrial/organisational psychology courses within the honours or master's degree. You can also do a research thesis in this area.

If you wish to pursue a professional career in organisational psychology, normally you will be expected to complete the following courses:

Plus the compulsory course:

These courses aren't offered every year.

Other psychology courses that might be relevant are below.

Psychology students are able to include up to 30 credits of courses from outside psychology in their degree. If you are interested in industrial/organisational psychology, you might like to consider the following courses:

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Industrial/Organisational Psychology Programme Coordinator


Courses in psychology

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