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CHiPS postgraduate students

Our postgraduate students are involved in a range of research programmes.

Research programmes

Treatment outcome research and programme evaluation

Rachel Cotter (DClin, group therapy AoD)
Amy Beazer (MSci, Social Socks evaluation)
Sarah Malthus (PhD, pre-diabetes RCT)
Leith Pugmire (PhD, attachment and parenting intervention)
Emily Hughes (master's, effectiveness of a peer-led support group facilitator)
Kate Hebenton (pharmacy-led child asthma intervention)

Emotional skills in practitioners (teachers, therapists, physicians, trainers)

Wulan Saptandari (PhD, emotional skills of Indonesian teachers)
Michael Lane (DClin, emotional skills of GPs)
Andreas Marwick (DClin, therapists’ emotional skills)
Amanda Johnsen (DClin, therapists’ emotional skills)
Verena Philips (DClin, therapists’ emotional skills)
Alexa Curtis (DClin, therapists’ emotional skills)
Esther Russell (hons, emotional skills of military trainers)
Sharon Han (MEd, emotional skills of Korean teachers)

Paediatric and AYA oncology service development (NCCN and AYA standards of care)

Nicole Cameron (adolescent oncology survivors)

Assessment of distress in health (cancer, diabetes, renal)

Experiences of end of life (Ward 25, aged residential care)

Hayley Barnes (dying in aged residential care)

Communication with men with cancer (prostate cancer)

Heather Heron Speirs (post doc, cancer communications)

Support services and utilisation (ASD study)

Sharon Crooks (PhD, ASD)

David West (ASD families' experiences of support services)

Therapeutic relationship impact on relatedness skills in youth (YOSS study)

Seth Turner (therapeutic relationship implications for YOSS service users)

The human aspects of medical care

Tamyra Matthews (breaking bad news)