Study loans

StudyLink, a service of the Ministry of Social Development, is responsible for ensuring that students get the finance they are entitled to so they can complete their study. As a full-time domestic student you may qualify for a loan - you may also qualify for a student allowance to meet your living costs.

Please note: StudyLink does not cover all non-tuition fees, to find out what is and is not covered see non-tuition fees

Tip: You may notice that Studylink uses an EFTS (Equivalent Full-Time Student) system whereas Massey uses a credit system to measure the full-time status. To convert your Massey credits into EFTS, you may simply divide the total number of credits by 120. For example, 15 credits is equivalent to 0.125 EFTS. For an average Massey student, being full-time is 48+ credits over one semester, or 96+ credits over a year (exceptions may apply). Some simple conversions are below:

Credits EFTS
15 0.125
30 0.25
45 0.375
60 0.50
75 0.625
90 0.75
105 0.875
120 1.0
8 (Teacher Aide) 0.067
10 (Teacher Aide) 0.083