Becoming a homestay host , Te tono hei kaimanaaki whare whāngai

Open your home to become a homestay host for international and domestic students studying at Massey in Auckland or Palmerston North (for the Manawatū campus).

Being a homestay host can be a rewarding experience as you help students to settle into their new city or country.

Providing homestay accommodation for Massey students is a great way to help students familiarise themselves with their new country or city and adjust to university life in a supportive, safe environment.

Homestays are provided for international and domestic students for a variety of periods – from a few weeks to a full qualification year.

How are homestay students matched with hosts?

Any Massey University student can apply to live with a homestay host in Massey University campus locations of Auckland or Manawatū (Palmerston North). This applies to both domestic and international students.

Massey University’s Accommodation and Welfare Advisers will try and match students with homestay hosts who have similar interests.

Vetting and Code of Practice

Massey University is committed to providing a safe and happy homestay experience for students.

All potential homestay hosts must undergo a strict selection process by Massey University staff which includes a home visit, referee checks and police vetting of all adults over the age of 18 who live in the household.

When your student moves into your home, Massey University advisers are available to support any issues or concerns you may have.

All Massey University approved homestay accommodation is compliant with the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2021.

What do homestay hosts provide?

Hosts are required to provide each student boarder with:

  • a furnished bedroom
  • weekly laundering of bed linen
  • use of bathroom
  • use of kitchen
  • use of dining area
  • use of lounge
  • three meals every day
  • electricity
  • unlimited internet.

Other requirements include:

  • a desk, chair and reading lamp
  • pillows, blankets and towels
  • at least one set of drawers and a wardrobe
  • power points
  • a working smoke detector.

Together with accommodation and food, we encourage homestay hosts to include your student boarder in your day-to-day life, to help them become familiar with a new country, culture or city. This may include travelling on holidays or short breaks with you.

This will help them to quickly settle into their new accommodation and support their study at Massey, and may also give you insight into other cultures.

Food and meals

As a homestay host, you are expected to provide your student boarder with three meals per day. This may comprise of:

  • Breakfast: cereal, toast, fruit, tea or coffee – students usually help themselves
  • Lunch: sandwiches, fruit, leftovers – students usually prepare their own packed lunch
  • Dinner: usually the main meal of the day comprising a hot meal. This is prepared by you and is generally a time for you to catch up with your student boarder, to check in on their day and their general wellbeing, and to assist them with any queries or concerns.

Halal and dietary requirements are catered for. If you enjoy cooking you will be welcome to help prepare meals for yourself and your hosts.


Weekly fees are paid directly by the student to you for as long as they stay with you. This fee covers a furnished bedroom, shared facilities including bathroom, kitchen and lounge, three meals every day and unlimited internet.

Applying to become a homestay host

Contact a Homestay Accommodation and Welfare Adviser in your city to find out more about becoming a homestay host.

Contact a homestay office

Auckland Homestay Office

Palmerston North Homestay Office

Wellington Homestay Office