Graduation certificates Ngā tiwhikete whakapōtaetanga

Find out when you will get your graduation certificate, and how to get them sent overseas or replaced. Graduation certificates used to be called graduation scrolls.

Close-up of a graduation certificate

When you get your graduation certificate

  • If you graduate at a graduation ceremony, you'll be presented with your graduation certificate during the ceremony.
  • If you graduate in absentia from a ceremony, your certificate will be posted to you after the graduation ceremony.
  • If you graduate via an Academic Board Meeting, your certificate will be posted to you after the meeting.

Sending graduation certificates overseas

If you live overseas or want to have your certificate delivered to an overseas address, you must pay a courier fee. Your certificate will not be sent until the courier fee has been paid. Certificates are sent via DHL.

If your certificate is being sent to a country where English is not the first language, you'll need to give the address written in English and also in the language of the country it is being delivered to.

Make payment and give address details

To make payment and give address details, please complete the following form.

Sending graduation certificates overseas form

If you don't receive your certificate, you must notify us within four months of your graduation or you will have to pay for a replacement.

Replacement graduation certificates

If you require a replacement certificate you will need to fill out the following form.

Faxed or scanned application forms will not be accepted. Each request is individually considered.

The statutory declaration section of the application form must be completed for all applications where the original certificate cannot be returned.

Name change

If you're requesting a replacement certificate due to a name change, you must return your original certificate along with the completed application form and a verified copy of an identity document showing your new name (such as a marriage certificate or passport).

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