Gym membership on Wellington campus , Mema whare hākinakina – Pukeahu

The Massey University Gym in Wellington has a range of membership options to suit your fitness goals.

Group exercise class in gym

What you get with a membership

When you sign up to the Massey University Gym in Wellington, you get access to a fully supervised gym as well as a range of great programmes and services, such as:

  • How to Gym training sessions
  • group fitness classes
  • yoga classes.

Free 7-day trial

Sign up for a 7-day trial to test out the facilities and find out if the Massey gym is right for you.

If you've never been to Massey University Gym or BPM Fitness before, head down to the gym and we'll set you up with one week of free access.

Your free trial starts from the day you sign up for a membership, and lasts for seven consecutive days, including the weekend. Terms and conditions apply.

Sign up for your free 7-day trial

Proof of residence

Our free week trial is only available to Wellington residents. When you visit the gym for the first time, bring proof of your home address or of where you work. This could be:

  • a recent bill from the company who supplies your power, gas, water, phone or internet services
  • a statement from your bank
  • letter from your employer
  • payslip.

Membership and casual rates

We have a range of membership options to suit your needs as shown in the following table.

Membership and casual rates
One-off visit 10 trip pass One month Open contract* 10 week term
Public $15 $120 $80 $15 a week -
High school students $10 $80 $64 $13 a week $85
Massey graduates & staff $10 $80 $64 $13 a week -
Tertiary students $10 $80 $56 $9 a week -

* 10 day notice period to cancel membership

Visitor pass

If you are visiting or passing through Wellington, you can purchase a day pass for $15, or a one week membership for $35. Massey University staff and students from other campuses can purchase a day pass for $10, or a one week membership for $25. Evidence of your current enrolment is required.

Payment options

You can pay for your membership:

  • weekly or fortnightly by direct debit instalments
  • in full by credit card or Eftpos at reception.

Wellington High School students can pay for a 10-week term membership online by credit or debit card.

Pay for a 10-week membership online

Set up a direct debit

If you pay by direct debit, a $15 administration fee will be applied to your first payment.

To set up a direct debit payment, follow the links below.

Tertiary student gym membership for tertiary students attending any university around Wellington.

Massey graduates and staff gym membership for people who have graduated from Massey university, or those that currently work there.

Public gym membership for people who are not tertiary or high school students, and are not associated with Massey University.

Wellington High School gym membership for Wellington High School students who want an open contract.

Suspending your membership

We understand that there may be times you won't be able to visit the gym regularly.

Here's a few things you should know about suspending your membership.

  • Membership suspensions are only available for people who have direct debit payment set up for their membership.
  • You must suspend your membership for at least 2 weeks.
  • There is a fee of $2.50 per week for membership suspension. This will replace your usual membership concession for the duration of the suspension.