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Impaired performance and aegrotat assessment and regulations

We have amended impaired performance for Semester 2. We have made it easy to apply for consideration of issues and challenges you have faced which may have impaired your performance in assessments or prevented you from completing them. A temporary Aegrotat and Impaired Performance Consideration Form is effective for Semester 2.

Aegrotat and Impaired Performance Considerations: Temporary Form During COVID-19 Emergency (101 KB)

Changes to this form include:

  • Applications related to COVID-19 and associated disruptions can be made for ANY assessment, not just compulsory or fixed-time assessments.
  • Applications related to COVID-19 and associated disruptions do not have to be supported by a medical certificate or other evidence. A simple statement should suffice in most cases, although the University may contact you if further information is needed.  
  • If your application doesn’t relate to COVID-19 and you are able to provide medical evidence, this is expected. However, exceptions will be made if you are unable to see a medical professional because of the pandemic.  
  • You do not need to have the form to be witnessed, signed and dated by a Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, an authorised Department of the Courts or government agency staff member, or medical practitioner. Instead, we ask you to explain your circumstances and indicate the impact it has had on your performance.  
  • Your application will be thoughtfully considered in relation to your other assessment for the same course and with consideration of cohort performance.  

Impaired performance frequently asked questions

What will happen with my aegrotat/impaired performance application? 

Your application will be considered by academic staff to determine whether your mark or result can be changed. This will depend on how well you did in other assessments during the semester in that course and your personal circumstances. When reviewing aegrotat/impaired performance applications, the University will consider whether you have demonstrated sufficient learning in your assessments. To be eligible for an AG/IP, you must have successfully completed at least 40 per cent of the course assessment.

For IP applications, the mark for the assessment listed in the application will be compared with the marks for your other (selected) assessment within the course, and with consideration of cohort performance. If your marks are consistent, there will be no change to your grade.

For AG applications, where you have successfully completed 40-59% of the course assessment, an AG grade will be applicable, if the majority of the learning outcomes have been met by the successfully completed assessment(s).

For AG applications, where you have successfully completed 60% of the coursework, you may receive either an AG grade or an overall derived grade based on other (selected) assessment in the course.

 How will I know the result of my application?

AG/IP applications are assessed at the end of a course. You will receive a notification of the outcome through your student homepage once final grades for the course have been completed and your AG/IP application considered. Please note that making an application does not guarantee a change of grade.   

 Do I need to provide any other documents with my application?

 No – during this COVID-19 pandemic, you won’t need to provide any supporting documents in most cases, unless you already have them available when you apply. 

I have received information that my grade has not been changed. Why?

Possible reasons why a grade is not changed following an AG/IP application:

  • For AG/IP applications: insufficient coursework was successfully completed.
  • For IP applications: the mark for the assessment during which you were impaired was consistent with the other grades.
  • For AG where a student has successfully completed 40-59% of the assessment: the assessments you did complete did not demonstrate sufficiently that you have met the learning outcomes.

What if I am a doctoral student and my research has been affected by COVID-19?

You can apply for a suspension of studies, change of candidacy from full-time to part-time, or an extension of studies through the student portal.