Jacinda Shailer

Doctor of Clinical Psychology, (Doctor of Clinical Psychology)
Study Completed: 2015
College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Thesis Title
Wraparound New Zealand: An Evaluation of Fidelity and Experiences

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Serious mental health disorders are complex clinical problems which interfere with a youth''sability to live functionally within their family and community. The wraparound process is an intensive, family driven, and individualised care planning process. It works holistically with young people with serious mental health disorders and their families to coordinate interventions, supports, and services. Originating from the United States of America and deemed a promising practice internationally, no independent research had been conducted on this process within a New Zealand context. Ms Shailer investigated the fidelity to, and the experiences of, one wraparound process in New Zealand with 16 wraparound teams. She found that it was experienced as a positive and helpful process being implemented as intended, with overall fidelity in the above average range. The results confirmed that the wraparound process was a viable and useful intervention for New Zealand youth and families with high and complex needs. 

Dr Ruth Gammon
Associate Professor Ian De Terte