Callum Rees

Doctor of Philosophy, (Earth Sciences)
Study Completed: 2020
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
The Hydrogeology of the Pourewa Sub-Catchment, Rangitikei, New Zealand

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The Pourewa Stream, a tributary of the Rangitikei River provides a cross section through rural landscapes of the lower Northland. Agriculture constitutes 90% of land use in the region, placing pressure on resources required for ongoing agricultural production. Recent concerns surrounding the potential contamination of freshwater resources have prompted research into the region’s groundwater systems. Past research has taken a broad approach in examining large scale issues. However, Mr Rees’ study examined a single sub-catchment of the Rangitikei River, and conducted a three-year geological survey that resulted in the development of a conceptual hydrogeological model. This model was applied on a regional scale to investigate basin history and processes of landscape formation. In addition, it provided valuable baseline information to support policy makers, landowners, and developers in achieving sustainable management of groundwater resources by the avoidance of over exploitation and contamination.

Associate Professor Alan Palmer
Dr John Begg
Ms Julie Palmer
Associate Professor Ranvir Singh