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Dr Shine Choi PhD

Senior Lecturer

Doctoral Supervisor
School of People, Environment and Planning

My research interest is in how an illiberal state like North Korea creates the international as a site of politics. I also study visuality and aesthetics of international politics. Two main concerns motivate my work: (1) innovations in critical methods/pedagogy; and (2) recognition of ‘non-Western’ spaces not as sources of data for Western claims to universality but as sources of theory and method. I am Associate Editor of International Feminist Journal of Politics. In 2018-2019, I am conducting research on Afro-Asian relations funded by the Social Science Research Council (SSRC, USA). 


Contact details

  • Ph: +64(0)9-213-6471
    Location: 2.43, Atrium
    Campus: Albany Auckland


  • Doctor of Philosophy - Queen's University of Belfast (2012)

Certifications and Registrations

  • Licence, Supervisor, Massey University

Research Expertise

Research Interests

  • International Relations theory
  • Visual global politics
  • Aesthetics and intercultural relations
  • North Korea in international politics
  • Asia-Africa relations and Third World politics
  • Postcolonial feminist theory
  • Critical methods
  • Boundary events


21st Century Citizenship

Area of Expertise

Field of research codes
Citizenship (160602): Comparative Government and Politics (160603): Government and Politics of Asia and the Pacific (160606): International Relations (160607): Political Science (160600): Political Theory and Political Philosophy (160609): Studies In Human Society (160000)


Intersection of security, human rights and humanitarianism; Border; Conflict and postconflict; Cultural diplomacy; North Korea; Inter-Korean relations; international politics in Asia; Feminism; Visual politics; Art and politics; intercultural relations

Research Projects

Summary of Research Projects

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Project Leader 1 4

Research Outputs


Choi, S. (2020). Redressing international problems: North Korean nuclear politics. Review of International Studies.
[Journal article]Authored by: Choi, S.
Choi, SH., & Deiana, MA. (2017). Questioning the international: (Un)making Bosnian and Korean conflicts cinematically. Trans-humanities. 10(1), 5-30 Retrieved from http://www.trans-humanities.org/
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Choi, SH. (2017). The art of losing (in) the international. Millennium - Journal of International Studies. 45(2), 241-249
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Choi, SH. (2015). Love's cruel promises: Love, unity and North Korea. International Feminist Journal of Politics. 17(1), 119-136
[Journal article]Authored by: Choi, S.


Choi, S. (Ed.) (2020). Critical Methods in Studying World Politics: Creativity and Transformation. : Routledge
[Edited Book]Edited by: Choi, S.
Choi, S., & Lisle, D. (2019). Does Creativity Need to be Evaluated?. In S. Choi, A. selmeczi, & E. Strausz (Eds.) Critical Methods in Studying World Politics: Creativity and Transformation. : Routledge
[Chapter]Authored by: Choi, S.Edited by: Choi, S.
Azizian, R., Choi, S., Belgrave, D., Greener, B., Harding, N., Hoverd, W., . . . Prinsen, .(2018). The 2018 Strategic Defence Statement: Ten Different Views from Massey Scholars.
[Discussion Paper]Authored by: Azizian, R., Belgrave, D., Choi, S., Greener, B., Harding, N., Hoverd, W., Powles, A., Prinsen, J.Edited by: Greener, B.
Choi, SH. (2018). Borders. In R. Bleiker (Ed.) Visual Global Politics.
[Chapter]Authored by: Choi, S.
Choi, SH. (2017). Re-viewing sovereignty, North Korean authoritarianism and art. In D. Howland, E. Lillehoj, & M. Mayer (Eds.) Art and Sovereignty in Global Politics. (pp. 239 - 265). : Palgrave Macmillan US
[Chapter]Authored by: Choi, S.
Choi, SH. (2016). Grey. In M. Salter (Ed.) Making Things International 2: Catalysts and Reactions. (pp. 106 - 121). : University of Minnesota
[Chapter]Authored by: Choi, S.
Choi, S.(2014). Re-Imagining North Korea in International Politics Problems and Alternatives. : Routledge
[Authored Book]Authored by: Choi, S.


Choi, SH. (2012). How Do you Solve A Problem Like North Korea? Interrogating Culture(s) and Exploring Alternatives. (Doctoral Thesis)
[Doctoral Thesis]Authored by: Choi, S.


Choi, SH. (2015). Border crossing as a method. : Sino-NK
[Internet publication]Authored by: Choi, S.

Teaching and Supervision

Teaching Statement

I am interested in working with students pursuing theoretical and/or methodologically innovative research in any area of research within my area of research expertise and courses I have taught, which include:

North Korea in the World;

Two Koreas and Beyond;

East Asia, IR and Culture;  

Human Rights;


Political Economy of Soft Power;

International Relations;

Introduction to East Asian Studies;

Identities and Subjectivity


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Current Doctoral Supervision

Co-supervisor of:

  • Mati Ullah Tareen Tareen - Doctor of Philosophy
    Human Security Challenges and Prospects in Pakistan; Case Study, Women Empowerment