Courses involving fieldwork or field trips

Applied learning provides you with future-focused skills and makes you more employable.  The courses below give you a hands-on experience and the opportunity to get out and explore New Zealand as part of your studies.

Agriculture and Animal Science

Fieldwork.jpg 112.248 Food and Agribusiness Value Chains
119.258 Agricultural Systems
199.101 Biology of Animals
199.206 The Fauna of New Zealand
199.310 Entomology
235.211 Māori Agribusiness Systems
235.312 Case Studies in Māori Agribusiness


145.222 Rivers and Slopes
145.320 Quaternary Biogeography and Environmental Change
145.327 Catchment Dynamics

Environmental Science

121.210 Environmental Issues
121.310 Environmental Solutions
121.311 Global Environmental Issues
189.363 Soil Resources and Sustainable Land Use
233.310 Pedology and Quaternary Geology
280.304 Bioseparation and Purification Processes
280.341 Environmental Technology
283.321 Trees on Farms


Fieldwork forest.jpg 196.205 Ecology and Conservation
196.315 Conservation Science
196.316 New Zealand Plant Ecology

Building and Construction

218.271 Construction Technology: Commercial
218.274 Building Services

People and Sport

145.301 Research Practice in Human Geography
146.303 Practice of Fieldwork
179.255 Introduction to Field Education

Resource and Environmental Planning

132.112 Planning for Sustainable Development
132.217 Planning Hazard-Resilient Communities
132.305 Natural Resource Policy and Planning
214.312 Environmental Monitoring and Investigative Methods
284.322 Managing the Landscape