Courses about New Zealand history, society, and peoples

Our home is a melting pot of mainly Māori, European, Pacific Island and Asian influences. New Zealand’s fascinating cultural diversity, geographic isolation and awe-inspiring landscapes have all contributed to our rich history and vibrant multi-cultural society.

Indigenous Peoples

Outside Marae.jpg 119.170 Māori Value Systems in Science
127.356 Rural Valuation
132.111 Oranga Taiao, Oranga Tangata: Planning and the Environment
132.304 Tūhono Taiao: Foundation of Māori Planning
139.362 Oceanic Literatures of Aotearoa: Ngā Tuhinga Kōrero o te Moana nui a Kiwa
146.102 Endangered Cultures
148.245 Māori and Colonisation
148.246 Iwi History
150.103 Nau mai e noho: Engaging with Māori
150.106 Nga Hanga Whakairo: Traditional Māori Visual Art
150.107 Mata Puare: Studio IA
150.108 Mata Puare: Studio IB
150.112 Hauora Tangata: Foundations of Māori Health
150.114 He Tirohanga Taketake: Māori Perspectives
150.202 Mauri ora: Māori Wellbeing and Vitality
150.204 Mana Māori: Māori and Politics
150.205 Kura Mai Tawhiti: Māori Knowledge
150.206 Nga Momo Whakairo: Contemporary Māori Visual Art
150.207 Mata Oho: Studio IIA
150.208 Mata Oho: Studio IIB
150.304 Te Ao Hurihuri: Contemporary Māori Issues
152.338 Cultural Perspectives on Entrepreneurship
179.230 The Wellbeing of Pacific Peoples in New Zealand
179.330 Māori Development and the Social Services
230.102 Pacific Peoples in New Zealand
235.211 Māori Agribusiness Systems
235.311 Māori Policy and Agribusiness
235.312 Case Studies in Māori Agribusiness
237.117 Māori Art and Design Studio I - Toi Atea
237.217 Māori Art and Design Studio IIA - Toi Atea
300.111 Te Reo Kōnakinaki: Developing Te Reo
300.209 Te Reo Torangapu: Political Te Reo
300.110 Te Reo Whakahoahoa: Socialising in Te Reo
300.311 Te Reo Papa: Strengthening Te Reo

Society and Culture

139.255 Critical Periods in Aotearoa New Zealand Literature
Bungy jump.jpg 145.214 Social Change and Environment
148.141 A History of New Zealand's Peoples
150.201 Te Kawenata o Waitangi: The Treaty of Waitangi in New Zealand Society
154.316 New Zealand Cinema
175.201 Social Psychology
176.218 Race, Nation and Modernity
179.155 An Introduction to Helping Skills in Social and Community Work Practice
179.210 Social Work Theories, Assessment and Interventions
175.210 Nga Tirohanga Rua o te Taha Hinengaro: Bicultural Perspectives in Psychology
230.110 Turangawaewae: Identity & Belonging in Aotearoa NZ  (Watch the trailer)
230.210 Tu Rangaranga: Global Encounters
230.310 Tu Tira Mai: Practising Engagement
237.131 Conversations in Creative Cultures
254.101 An Introduction to Social and Cultural Studies in Education
254.210 Historical Perspectives on Education
279.101 Social Policy: An Introduction
279.201 Social Policy: Concepts and Theories
279.203 Law, Government and Social Policy

History and Politics

148.248 Reformers, Radicals & Revolutionaries: Protest in New Zealand
148.308 New Zealand Military History: 1899 to 2001
148.309 The New Zealand Wars
148.316 New Zealand Between the Wars
200.162 Politics and Public Policy in New Zealand
200.361 Contemporary New Zealand Politics