Courses with a focus on New Zealand land, animals, and business

New Zealand is one of the youngest nations in the world from a geological and sociological perspective.  Change is a constant theme here, which offers you a unique opportunity to witness first-hand the building of a nation of unsurpassed environmental and cultural diversity.  The courses below will help you increase your global awareness.

Agriculture and Animals

Kiwi love.jpg 112.302 Food and Agribusiness Strategies
117.152 Animals and Agriculture
117.153 Introduction to Animal Production in New Zealand
117.255 Animal Health, Behaviour and Welfare
117.371 Animal Production
119.120 Plants for Agriculture and Horticulture
119.180 Introduction to Agribusiness
199.206 The Fauna of New Zealand
199.317 Animal Biodiversity
199.330 Ornithology
233.310 Pedology and Quaternary Geology
286.201 Equine Production

Business, Communication and Sport

114.254 Employment Relations
114.330 Equity and Diversity in the Workplace
115.211 Business Law
125.364 Bank Financial Management
127.241 Property Market Principles
132.101 Introduction to Professional Planning
152.203 Business and Society
155.110 Retail Law
218.150 Introduction to Built Environment and Measuring Systems
219.204 News Media and Society
219.304 Cross-Cultural Communication
NZ beach.jpg 234.131 Introduction to Sports Organisations and Development
234.331 Sport in the Social Context
251.271 Occupational Health and Safety I
294.170 Introduction to Border Security

Land and the Environment

120.218 The Flora of New Zealand
121.211 New Zealand Environmental Issues
121.310 Environmental Solutions
132.111 Oranga Taiao, Oranga Tangata: Planning and the Environment
132.305 Natural Resource Policy and Planning
132.312 Environmental and Planning Law
189.151 Principles of Soil Science 
189.252 Land, Soil and Water
196.205 Ecology and Conservation
196.316 New Zealand Plant Ecology
233.250 Understanding New Zealand Geology