Women and Work

Women and Work is Massey University's School of Management's newly formed Special Interest Group.  It exists to build on current research expertise to create energy and build synergies around this broad research area.

We will seek to profile Women and Work research to internal and external stakeholders and through that we will increase our attractiveness as a base for academic research and postgraduate study in this area. We will also provide a platform for fostering connections with external stakeholders.

Coordinator: Dr Fatima Junaid  

Women and Work members

  • Prof James Arrowsmith

    Prof James Arrowsmith

    Professor - School of Management

    Jim joined Massey as a Professor in the School of Management in 2008. His broad interest in the management of people at work means that he has researched and published across a portfolio of areas to do with Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations. Key areas of expertise include employee engagement, variable pay, and flexible working time. Over the past few years, Jim has also acted as a consultant for the International Labour Organization, advising Pacific Island governments on issues such as the regulation of child labour, seasonal work and employment law. 

  • Associate Professor Jo Bensemann

    Associate Professor Jo Bensemann

    Head of School of Management - School of Management

    Jo is Head of School for the School of Management within the Massey Business School. She is based at the Manawatu campus, where she was formerly Associate Head of School . Jo maintains a research focus on entrepreneurship and innovation and is interested in collaboration, making good decisions and ideas that help grow and develop businesses and communities.

  • Dr Debalina Dutta

    Dr Debalina Dutta

    Senior Lecturer - School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing

  • Dr Fatima Junaid

    Dr Fatima Junaid

    Lecturer - School of Management

    Dr Junaid specialises in area of Organisational behaviour & HR. Her work focuses on wellbeing and stress, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Mental health and Psychosocial risks at work. Her current research projects are on: Christchurch March 15th attack; women exclusion and marginalisation; PTSD and its outcomes in the organisational context; and health and safety and Psychosocial risks in NZ in the wake of Covid-19. Fatima publishes in both academic journals and non-academic media. Prior to joining Massey Fatima has taught and worked as a consultant for more than a decade serving public and private sector entities. 

  • Dr Tanya Jurado

    Dr Tanya Jurado

    Lecturer - School of Management

    Tanya holds a PhD and a PGDipBusAdmin in Management from Massey, and a BA and MA (Hons) in History from Auckland University. She currently teaches International Business for the BBus programme, and Current Issues in Business for the Master of Management programme. 

    Her research focus is on the role of SMEs amidst the global challenges faced by economies worldwide. Current themes include SME internationalisation and trade policy and public policy support for SMEs, including Indigenous entrepreneurs. She is also part of a research team researching the participation and retention of women in information technology professions.

  • Dr Farah Palmer

    Dr Farah Palmer

    Associate Dean - Maori - Massey Business School

    My research focuses on women in sport, Māori women's leadership experiences, and the incorporation of Māori values and tikanga in organisational contexts. In December, 2016 I became the first woman on the New Zealand Rugby Board and Chair of the New Zealand Māori Rugby Board. In 2018 I joined the SportNZ Board and started a new role as Associate Dean Māori for the Massey Business School with a focus on supporting Māori  research, engagement and student success. I use my experiences in governance and academia to transform narratives related to Māori, women and girls, leadership, sport and business. 

  • Prof Jane Parker

    Prof Jane Parker

    Professor - School of Management

    Jane is Professor of Employment Relations (ER) & HRM. Her research foci include comparative ER, workplace equality, & employee consultation. Before Massey, she lectured & researched at Warwick (UK), Auckland & AUT universities. Jane was a PI on a Marsden-funded Living Wage project & a current PI on a study of gender equity in the public service. She has led  ILO-funded projects in PNG, Fiji & other Pacific Island nations. Jane was a panellist in the 2018 & 2012 PBRF rounds, 2017 HRINZ HR Researcher of the Year, & part of the 2019 HRINZ HR Research Team of the Year.

  • Associate Professor Janet Sayers

    Associate Professor Janet Sayers

    Associate Professor - School of Management

    Dr. Janet Sayers is interested in the idea of the 'human' in relation to pressures from, on the one hand, technology, and on the other, our relationship with the 'natural' world and ecological crisis. She uses concepts and tools from the humanities, including narrative/story and literature analysis, cultural studies and especially the new wave of critical feminist posthumanism, to critique business challenges in novel and engaging ways to help shift practice towards more sustainable and ethical relations with each other, non-human animals and the larger ecology. She has published widely on technology, diversity, entrepreneurship and non-human animals and organization. 

  • Beth Tootell

    Beth Tootell

    Associate Head of School of Management (Manawatu Campus) - School of Management

  • Dr Alexei Tretiakov

    Dr Alexei Tretiakov

    Senior Lecturer - School of Management

  • Dr Suze Wilson

    Dr Suze Wilson

    Senior Lecturer - Massey Executive Development

    All things to do with leadership interest me, along with an abiding interest in how we can make organisations both effective for external stakeholders and enjoyable places to work for employees. 

    My doctoral research examined why and how it has become normalized in recent decades to equate 'leadership' with grandiose expectations of 'transformation', 'vision', and 'charisma'. I argue these ideas, when examined closely, actually create undesirable pressures on leaders, grant them excessive powers, and rely on the problematic assumption that 'followers' are inherently inadequate.I am interested in theorising and practising leadership in ways that are more inclusive and humble.

PhD Students

Nimeesha Odedra

Thesis Title
Migrant Women's Career Capital

Alida Shanks

Thesis Title
How did we get here? Power dynamics and gender equity in New Zealand sport organisations.

Publications and projects

Young Women in Leadership Programme

Young Women in Leadership group 2014
Young Women in Leadership group
Some of the research team for Women And Work

The lack of women in leadership positions is a vexing and persistent problem that Massey University management Professor Sarah Leberman has spent her career researching and trying to solve. Her latest initiative, the Young Women’s Leadership Programme, aims to reach young women before they leave school.

Each year, the programme brings around 200 Year 12 students together on the university’s three campuses to learn about leadership and build their confidence and networks. The students are divided into groups to work on delivering a project that makes a difference to their local community.

You can read more about the YWIL Programme here:  International Womens Day media release from Sarah Leberman 11 March 2016.docx (15 KB)


The Women and Work group has a broad member base, representing and equally broad range of disciplines within the study of management. Below you can find a selection of published research with a relevance to gender in the workplace:

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Palmerston North to host Keeping All Workers Safe symposium (Manawatu Guardian, 21 April 2021)

Is it time for Farah Palmer to smash the glass ceiling at New Zealand Rugby? (Stuff, 23 Jan 2021)

Professor Sarah Leberman honoured for her services to women, sport and academia (Jun 2020, Stuff June 2020)

Dr Farah Palmer elected as an independent director of the NZ Māori Rugby Board.

Dr Suze Wilson - Gender Stereotypes at play as Jacinda Ardern, Judith Collins face off to lead New Zealand (Oct 2020)

She was also honoured to be selected as one of Zonta New Zealand's 50 Women of Achievement.

Dr Palmer also ran a workshop on Leadership Diversity at the NZ Women in Leadership Programme (21 June 2016). This incorporated concepts such as tūrangawaewae, whakapapa, mauri and kaupapa and how this provide acknowledgement of the experiences and values diverse women can bring to the leadership role.  


Alida Shanks our PhD student has her own blog based on her PhD study



Farah Palmer
- Associate Dean – Maori| Sports NZ Board Member -https://sportnz.org.nz/about/our-structure/dr-farah-palmer/

Jane Parker
- Member, International Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA) Executive Committee
- Co-Editor in Chief, Labour & Industry, Editorial Board Member, Human Relations;  Employee Relations.
- Co-Director, MPOWER.

Sarah Leberman
- Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to women, sport and tertiary education. https://dpmc.govt.nz/publications/queens-birthday-honours-list-2020

Jim Arrowsmith
- Co-Director, MPOWER |Associate editor International Journal of HRM https://www.tandfonline.com/action/journalInformation?show=editorialBoard&journalCode=rijh20

Tanya Jurado
- Vice Chair, Academic & Industry Engagement SEAANZ https://seaanz.org/about-us/board-members/

Fatima Junaid
- Editorial board Review Member NZ Journal of HRM https://hrnz.org.nz/nzjhrm/editorial-review-board


For initial enquiries concerning the Women and Work group, please contact group coordinator Dr Fatima Junaid