Project Dairy 1

Leadership in future farm businesses that are kind to people, animals and the environment

Project Dairy 1 is a collaborative ‘living research farm’ project designed to address the issue of how to farm profitably and responsibly within resource limits.

The site of the research, Massey University’s Dairy 1 farm, is managed as a profitable, low input, pasture based dairy farm. The farm is employing data richness and smart technologies to meet the needs of low input future farm systems. Project Dairy 1 is connecting with farmers, rural and urban communities, agribusinesses and dairy industry leaders through networks and partnerships.

Dairy 1 farm is part of the Lower North Island Once-a-day milking discussion group and the international Global Farm Platform.

Global Farm Platform logo

Project Dairy 1 is a partner of the Global Farm Platform. This brings together world-leading universities and agricultural research institutions in six continents working towards sustainable ruminant production.