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Scope of Research

The general objectives of the roof-collected rainwater research are as follows:

  • Identify sustainable rainwater harvesting alternatives to mitigate climate-related risks of maintaining mains water supplies.
  • Evaluating novel rainwater harvesting technologies including design and performance aspects and identifying the chemical and physical preventative measures and corrective actions required for safe rainwater harvesting.
  • Understanding rainwater harvesting applications and strategies for rural and urban rainwater catchment systems and investigating rainwater harvesting in areas remote from public water systems.
  • Investigating large and small scale rainwater harvesting options for earth quake affected communities and understanding the influence of volcanic activity on the quality of water roof –collected rainwater.
  • Understanding the beneficial implications of a diverse range of microorganisms  operating in biofilms formed in rainwater tanks   
  • Understanding monitoring and evaluation of rainwater quality and investigating water quality and human health aspects of rainwater harvesting.
  • Identifying and overcoming impediments to rainwater harvesting.
  • Understanding impacts of decentralized rainwater catchment systems on local and regional water supplies.
  • Investigating environmental impacts of roof-collected rainwater on receiving water quality and developing policies and planning for rainwater harvesting.
  • Investigating economic impacts and lifecycle analysis of rainwater harvesting.
  • Understanding the business and politics of adopting rainwater catchment systems.
  • Understanding community engagement in sustainable rainwater harvesting for water conservation measures and emergency water supplies.