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Confronting extremism – what’s changed since March 15?

12 March 2020

Dr John Battersby questions, as March 15 draws near, has anything changed in New Zealand since last March, and have we learned anything from the experience? 

Of course we have. The March 15 attacks were unprovoked, deliberately discriminate, with terrible consequences for the families of those killed and injured. For the vast bulk of New Zealanders who would never have wished such an atrocity on anyone, the 15 March 2019 events left a stain on us that we cannot wash off. We cannot but be different now.

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National security – time to get strategic?

18 September 2019

The National Security Journal, produced by academics from Massey University’s Centre for Defence and Security Studies, aims to provide original thinking and informed debate about why we need a national security strategy, the lack of which journal contributors see as a fundamental omission.

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‘Pacific re-set’ theme for security course

05 September 2019

The implications of the New Zealand Government policy “reset” towards the Pacific Islands was the focus of a recent Massey University short course, with input from foreign ambassadors and diplomats.

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Don't let terrorists dictate where you can worship - expert

29 April 2019

Dr John Battersby was interviewed on the AM Show on TV3 and says it pays not to be complacent, but we can't let terrorists dictate where and when believers can worship.

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Lectures: How should we respond to terrorism? 

29 April 2019

Beyond collective grief and emotional reactions to the atrocities of March 15, Massey University academics with expertise in security will share their views how we might understand and respond to the terror attacks, in a lunchtime lecture series.

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No practical reason to censor Christchurch gunman's manifesto

17 April 2019

Nicola Macaulay argues that there is no real practical reason to censor the Christchurch gunman's manifesto and questions whether banning it takes far less courage than publishing and inviting the nation to debate the contents.

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Overseas counter-terrorism mistakes NZ is repeating

12 April 2019

Overseas experience warns that a number of repeated and common errors occur in the aftermath of an event like Christchurch. The first is to believe that no one person can carry out a terrorist attack as devastating as the 15 March – alone.  

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Royal Commission must be an inquiry, not an inquisition

04 April 2019

Dr John Battersby says the Royal Commission into the Christchurch attacks needs to be an inquiry, not an inquisition. To be genuinely useful, the inquiry must create an environment in which those with the knowledge of current processes, decisions and resources are free to discuss it all.  If there are gaps, they need to be found and addressed – not hidden by individuals trying to avoid liability.

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Why NZ needs to follow weapons ban with broad review of security laws

22 March 2019

Dr John Battersby says that how New Zealand manages social media needs review, and the traditional minimalist approach to national security will no longer suffice.

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Protecting religious diversity in NZ after Christchurch

22 March 2019

Dr Wil Hoverd says that after the decline of the study of religion in New Zealand, how will we develop a sensitive and informed discussion and language of religious diversity. And how can increased state management and community cohesion function together to renew our nation as a safe and harmonious place that accepts all people, no matter what they believe?

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Countering terrorism where there used to be no terrorism to counter

20 March 2019

Dr John Battersby says the failure to prevent the Christchurch attack is a collective one.

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New Zealand has mostly avoided 'internet-based echo chambers of extremist groups': Dr John Battersby

15 March 2019

New Zealand has to date been untouched by acts of terror - so is it splendid isolation or something else? Dr John Battersby, from the Centre for Defence and Security Studies at Wellington's Massey University, says New Zealand's small population and slow diversification has contributed to the lack of extremist incidents there.

He talked to ABC Radio in Australia and says where there have been pockets of extremism or civil disorder, it's never gone down such an openly violent path. 

Listen here -  ABC Radio Interview 15 March 2019 (1,675 KB)

The problem of the prodigal Isis supporters

06 March 2019

Like other countries, New Zealand is grappling with what to do with foreign fighters wanting to return home after the demise of the Isis caliphate. Dr John Battersby and Dr Rhys Ball give their opinion on what we should do with Isis members who want to return home.

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Symposium marks foreign affairs’ 75 years of service 

29 November 2018

A symposium at Massey University’s Manawatū campus in November marked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s 75th Anniversary Through Collaboration. It was hosted by Massey’s Centre for Defence and Security Studies, the Palmerston North City Council and New Zealand Institute of International Affairs. It recognised the ministry’s 75 years of service to the nation, explored the contribution of economic and trade diplomacy in national prosperity, economic security, and regional resilience.  

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Lecturers awarded for going the distance

15 November 2018

Dr John Battersby has been awarded a Exy Award for Best Postgrad Course Supervisor/Leader. Distance students have heaped praise on their favourite lecturers in the inaugural Exy Awards run by the Massey Extra Mural Students’ Society (EXMSS), describing them as passionate, fun, engaging and supportive.

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Award for thesis on helping women in conflict

18 October 2018

A Massey graduate’s thesis, on the role of police communications in ensuring women’s voices are heard during decision-making in international conflicts, has earned an Australasian policing award. 

Master of International Security (Intelligence with merit) graduate from 2018, Claire Bibby, who is employed as a senior sergeant with the New Zealand Police, won an ‘Excellence in Research to Improve Law Enforcement for Women’ award.

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Positive evaluation from participants on Pacific Security Dynamics short course 

14 September 2018

The Centre for Defence and Security Studies in collaboration with PaCE hosted a four day professional development short course from 03 – 06 September in Wellington.  It combined the academic and practical expertise of New Zealand’s leading thinkers and policy makers in security and co-operation in the Asia Pacific region.

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Thinking behind NZ defence strategy revealed

06 September 2018

The enduring values that drive New Zealand’s behaviour on the world stage are at the heart of the 2018 Strategic Defence Policy Statement released in July – an insight shared by Ministry of Defence Director for defence policy, Dan Eaton who lead the Strategic Defence Policy Review which shaped the statement. He and his team were invited by Massey’s Centre for Defence and Security Studies to speak to staff and students about both the policy process and how the statement was created, and to discuss the main content. 

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Massey forges links with top Polish university

23 August 2018

International security scholars at Massey University will have new opportunities for research collaboration on central European issues, thanks to a Memorandum of Understanding with Poland’s Jagiellonian University. Vice-Chancellor Professor Jan Thomas signed the agreement on behalf of Massey’s Centre for Defence and Security Studies at a ceremony at Auckland’s Sky City yesterday attended by visiting Polish President Andrzej Duda and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

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Zimbabwe’s election and an uncertain future

07 August 2018

International security expert Dr Marc Lanteigne says hopes remain for a better future in Zimbabwe, despite turmoil following recent elections.

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Climate change and its implications for Antarctica

02 August 2018

A panel of Massey University international security specialists will debate different aspects of New Zealand’s continued interest in Antarctica on Tuesday as part of the University’s Our Changing World public lecture series.

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Staff and alumni named Women of Influence finalists

31 July 2018

Dr Negar Partow, a specialist in Middle East politics, religion, human rights and global security is a finalist in the Women of Influence Awards for 2018 in the diversity category.  Coming to New Zealand from Iran in 2002, her background and research have made her a valued addition to Massey University’s Centre for Defence and Security Studies. She comments on issues like the Israel-Palestine conflict, ISIS and many hot geo-political discussions as well as co-ordinating courses in the Middle East security environment and international security.

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UN counter-terrorism experts hosted at Massey

27 July 2018

Members of the UN Security Council Counter Terrorism Committee meeting at Massey's Auckland campus with representatives from Massey University, the Department of Corrections and other government agencies.

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Why we should care about what happens in DR Congo

24 May 2018

Despite its low profile in global news, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) is more than just an Ebola health concern – it has strategic significance for the West and for China and is a source of valuable raw materials for high-tech industries globally. Dr Marc Lanteigne says there are a range of reasons that DR Congo should be on our radar.

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Top Auckland police officer and Masters graduate delves into the recesses of the dark web

04 May 2018

The new Waitākere Police area commander, Inspector Scott Webb says our entanglement in the dark web is growing. He investigated the origins of the Silk Road - the first darknet market - and strategies for tackling the dark web while studying for a Master of International Security at Massey University. 

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Professor Thierry Balzacq visits Massey University

09 May 2018

CDSS was privileged to host Professor Balzacq who is currently a Visiting Fellow at the Asia-Pacific College of Diplomacy (APCD), at the Australian National University.  The world renowned researcher in the field of security delivered two public talks and a round table session while he was here.

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Nukes to cyber war – NZ security in focus

05 April 2018

North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, potential terror threats, and the security implications of climate change are among emerging issues relevant to New Zealand and the Pacific as discussion topics at a conference at Massey University this week.

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International Women’s Day cycling event expands

06 March 2018

For the second consecutive year, Massey University has teamed up with other Wellington organisations for a community event that invites former refugee women to improve their bike riding skills.

Coinciding with International Women’s Day on Thursday, senior lecturer Dr Negar Partow and tutor Nicola Macaulay from the Centre for Defence and Security Studies at the Wellington campus, have teamed up with the group including the non-governmental organisation ChangeMakers Refugee Forum, to offer the women new to Wellington the opportunity to try a new skill and meet others in a similar situation.

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Roundtable held with Ambassadors and senior diplomats from five Latin American nations

23 February 2018

Ambassadors and senior diplomats from five Latin American nations (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba and Mexico), posted in New Zealand attended a roundtable at Massey University on February 15 to discuss regional security in the Pacific. The roundtable was hosted by the Centre for Defence and Security Studies (CDSS). The diplomats shared their national and regional security priorities as well as perspectives on their countries’ relations with New Zealand. The CDSS experts offered their views on key security trends and challenges in the Pacific region.

The roundtable demonstrated the increased interest and role of Latin American nations in the Pacific regional affairs and identified opportunities for further collaboration between Massey University and relevant academic organizations in Latin America.

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Successful professional development course in international and regional security delivered

09 February 2018

A group of seven Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE) students from Beijing, China have successfully completed the first professional development course in international and regional security on Wellington Campus. They reported that the two-day intensive course had been very worthwhile for them to learn a global view on security from the informed lecturers at the Centre for Defence and Security Studies. They were presented with background information on the Middle East, Africa, the Pacific and Syria which they found enlightening and thought-provoking. The students were presented with their certificates by the Defence Attache from the Chinese Embassy.

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China’s strategic outlook: expanding its footprint or just finding its feet?

26 January 2018

In a Line of Defence interview, Dr Marc Lanteigne explores the notion of China as an ‘expansionist’ power.  China’s expansionary approach to its economic and political influence is now widely acknowledged, as is the expanding footprint of its rapidly modernising military. Should this be cause for alarm, or is it ‘fair enough’ for an emerging world power that was – until very recently – a largely passive player in world affairs?

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