Science knowledge and skills

Embarking on a Science degree? Most of our courses expect you to have foundation knowledge in each of the science subjects before you start.

We have a series of introductory courses that have been designed to refresh your knowledge if you have not studied Science for a while before you get into the core science courses. If you are just out of school, then we expect you to have achieved at least NCEA Level 2. For specialist programmes, such as Engineering, you will be expected to have achieved NCEA Level 3.

As with all other areas, be realistic with your skills before you enrol. A semester goes by very quickly and you want to be able work through the content in the course and not worrying about trying to catch up on knowledge that you should already have.

Self-diagnostic quizzes

A series of online readiness quizzes are available to test your ability in the core science subjects.

They have been designed to help your decision making. They are completely anonymous and we do not store any results. Take the time to think about your results and please contact us if you have any questions about which courses or programmes would be suitable.