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What are breaches of Academic Integrity?

Breaches of academic integrity are considered academic misconduct and may lead to penalties. At Massey University breaches include but are not limited to:

  • Plagiarism

- Copying sentences, paragraphs, computer files, research data, and creative products that are the works of other persons, without appropriate acknowledgement.

- Closely paraphrasing sentences, paragraphs or themes without appropriate acknowledgement.

- Submitting one’s own previously assessed or published work for assessment or publication elsewhere, without -appropriate acknowledgement and/or approval.

- Submitting material obtained from internet based essay depositories (paper mills) or similar sources.

- Submission of work that relies too greatly on model answers or sample solutions provided in the course materials.

  • Cheating in any examination or test - e.g., use of crib cards, mobile phones & devices, programmable calculators or study notes
  • Submitting an individual assignment written entirely or in part by another person (e.g. ghost writing and collusion – agreement between students to deceive).
  • Presenting data for laboratory and other practical work, clinical placements, field trips or other work that has been copied or falsified.
  • For collaborative projects, falsely representing the individual contributions of the collaborative partners.
  • Presenting data obtained improperly (e.g. data collected without permission and or prior approval of the relevant ethics committee).
  • Any misrepresentation of academic achievement or records.
  • Any assistance given by a current student to another student to be dishonest or fraudulent with academic assessment.
  • Disclosing or assigning Intellectual Property in which the University can reasonably be said to have an interest outside the channels prescribed by the University’s Policy on Intellectual Property.
  • Any breach of the Code of Responsible Research Conduct by a student.

Any breaches of Academic Integrity are considered academic misconduct and may lead to academic penalties.