Halls car parking terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all users of Halls car parks at the Manawatū campus.

  1. The price for Halls car parking is $140.00 per semester plus $20.00 bond for access cards that is refundable on return. Please refer Terms & Conditions #13.
  2. Halls car parking is accessible ONLY to current residents. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis and a sticker does not guarantee a space.
  3. Short term visitors (i.e. visiting parents or friends) can use the time limit parking, meter / pay & display parking or alternatively Orchard Car Park located next to the Recreation Centre
  4. Halls Car Park stickers and access cards are not-transferable and each resident will be allocated only one per semester. Any resident / non-resident found to have given or received a Halls Car Park sticker or access card without authorisation will lose their parking access rights.
  5. Non-residents vehicles found at any time in Halls Car Parks will be fined, clamped or towed away. Regular checks are undertaken on a daily basis and residents are encouraged to report any unauthorised vehicles to Massey University Security & Traffic Section ext: 85030, Colombo Road.
  6. If a resident changes their vehicle, they must report this to the Operations Service Desk immediately and provide details of their new vehicle. The old sticker must be removed from the vehicle prior to sale and produced at Operations Service Desk to be eligible to receive a new sticker.
  7. If a resident moves out of the Halls, they must return their access card and sticker immediately. Continued use of the Halls Car Park whilst no longer a resident will result in a fine or the vehicle being clamped or towed away.
  8. Unauthorised parking on any designated disability car parks, or numbered car parks is not permitted at any time.
  9. Vehicles are parked on Campus at the vehicle owner’s risk. Massey University is not responsible or liable for any theft or damage that occurs to your vehicle while it is parked in a Halls car park. Residents are encouraged to insure and alarm their vehicles and not to leave any valuables inside.
  10. Residents must abide by the Massey University Parking and Traffic Regulations at all times. Please refer to the Massey University website for more details.
  11. Each semester residents must re-apply for their car park sticker. These will be issued on a first- come, first-served basis.
  12. Extra-mural or short term residents can purchase a temporary parking permit from the Operations Service Desk.
  13. Access cards must be returned at the end of each semester. Failure to return these cards within one month of the semester finishing, will result in a forfeit of bond.