Parking permit terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all users of numbered and reserved parking permits at the Manawatū campus.

Payment of parking fees

  • Parking fees will be charged from the date the park is made available to the park holder.
  • Park holders who pay by automatic deductions from their salary are not required to renew their car park on an annual basis. The automatic deductions, including any CPI adjustment, will roll over annually. This will continue until the user cancels the park.
  • Parking prices will increase annually at the rate of CPI, inflation, or any other measure deemed appropriate. Users will be notified within one month of the changes coming into force via the email provided at the point of registration.
  • If the account for parking is not paid by the due date or the automatic deduction stops, the access card will be deactivated.
  • To ensure deductions are cancelled promptly, park holders are required to provide the Operations Service Desk with at least two weeks' notice of cancellation of the park.
  • If for any reason, a refund is required to the park holder at the date of cancellation, the park holder will be required to come to the Operations Service Desk with a credit, debit, or EFTPOS card. Cash refunds cannot be given.

Use of parking facilities

  • You may not register more than two vehicles for your park and only one may be parked at a time in your allocated parking area.
  • Access rights to your allocated parking area are not transferable to any other person; including your access card and any stickers or electronic parking permits (EPP) you have been issued. Failure to comply may result in access to your parking area is terminated.
  • If a courtesy vehicle or other vehicle is being used by an authorised user for a short period, you must notify the Operations Service Desk as soon as possible to avoid any parking breach fees being given.
  • It is the responsibility of the parking holder to inform the Operations Service Desk of the sale and/or replacement of their vehicle and to remove the EPP from a vehicle before it is sold and transferred to any new vehicle or return it to the Operations Service Desk for a refund of a bond.
  • The preferred placement of the sticker or EEP is the top right corner of the rear windscreen (when looking at the car from the rear). Failure to display EPP or sticker may result in a parking breach fee.
  • Access cards and EPPs remain the property of Massey University and must be returned when relinquishing car parks. A $20 bond is required for an EPP. This will be refunded upon return provided the EPP is in working condition.
  • Massey will not arbitrarily close the parking facilities. In the event, due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Massey, the parking facilities are temporarily closed, no refund for any part of the parking fees will be payable.

Compliance with all rules, terms and regulations

Carpark user must at all times abide by the:


  • Massey University reserves the right to reallocate, or re-number car parks as required. Users will be notified as soon as possible of changes.
  • Registered vehicle owners who change departments must notify the Operations Service Desk of the change as soon as possible.

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  • Vehicles are parked on campus at the vehicle owner’s risk. Massey University is not responsible or liable for any theft or damage that occurs to a vehicle while it is parked on the campus.

Types of parks

General park

Orchard and Bourke Road car parks are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. The University does not guarantee the availability of a car park.

Reserved park

An electronic parking permit (EPP) allows access to a specific parking area but does not guarantee a parking space within this area. If your parking area is full, you can activate your ID card at the Security Help Desk to allow you entry/exit to the Orchard Park.

Numbered park

A numbered park is for the sole use of the department or person to whom the park is allocated. In the event an unauthorised vehicle is parked in a numbered car park, the allocated user may temporarily park in a reserved car park or metered car park until such time as the matter is resolved. The allocated user must notify the Operations Service Desk immediately if this occurs.

Halls parking

A Halls parking sticker allows parking access to a specified area.