Massey parking and traffic regulations

Parking regulations, breaches, fees and appeals regulations at Massey University's Manawatū campus.

These Regulations are supplementary to the Land Transport Act 1988 and the Transport Rules 2004 and apply at all times to roads and parking areas controlled by Massey University at the Manawatū campus. They may also be applied to other Massey University sites as deemed appropriate by the University Council.


  1. The University makes reasonable provision for parking as prescribed in the Palmerston North District Plan, but is under no obligation to provide parking for every vehicle that enters the campus.
  2. Parking and traffic signs used throughout the campus are of an international standard as authorised by the Transport Rules 2004.
  3. Vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas at all times. Parking or driving on grass or areas other than formed roads or parks is prohibited.
  4. While all reasonable provision will be made for safe access and parking, vehicles are parked at the owner's risk while on Massey University property.

Resident parking

There are parking areas reserved exclusively for Halls residents. Access to these areas can be arranged through the Operations Service Desk.

Speed limit

Most campus roads have 30kph maximum speed limit. Other road speeds are signposted accordingly.


Bicycles must be placed in the cycle racks provided. Any cycles found leaning against trees, buildings, handrails, etc will be removed. Riding of bicycles on footpaths and other pedestrian areas is prohibited.

Bicycles, scooters and motorcycles

Motorcycles and scooters are not permitted inside University Avenue (Ring Road).

Parking hours

  1. Reserved and Numbered parks (excluding residential parking) are for the sole use of current permit holders between the hours 7.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays).
  2. Residential Parks are for the sole use of current Halls residents vehicle sticker (semester) holders at all times.
  3. Paid casual parking is available in Orchard Road car park (payment is not required on weekends or Public Holidays).
  4. Mobility parks and Loading Zones are restricted at all times.

Mobility parking

Visitors, Students, and Part-time Employees

Massey University provides mobility parking spaces near all major buildings on campus. These are for the use of visitors, students, and part-time employees who are displaying a CCS mobility card.

If there are no mobility parking spaces available, persons displaying a CCS mobility card, may park on a time-limited parking zones for double the time indicated, or on metered car parks for double the stated time (please note that charges still apply on meters).

Full-time Employees

Full-time employees (37.5 hours per week), who are holders of CCS mobility cards, are not permitted to park on mobility parking spaces, all day, as these are a limited resource.

However Massey University will provide numbered parking spaces for staff holding CCS mobility card, near their place of work, as resources allow, these parking spaces will be paid for by the individual at general parking rates, not numbered parking rates.


From time to time students or staff may experience health, medical or extraordinary circumstances that result in them requiring temporary parking, for a limited period of time close to their office.

Pending availability, these requests will be supported; however a medical certificate may be required in order to facilitate this request.


  • Parking on a time expired meter
  • Parking on broken yellow lines
  • Parking in NP area
  • Parking on Mobility
  • Park without authority
  • Parking/driving on lawns
  • Parking in non-designated parking areas
  • Parking in reserved areas without authority
  • Parking for a period longer than the posted time limit
  • Exiting 'pay per exit' car parks without paying
  • Parking or stopping in breach of any posted advisory sign
  • Exceeding the campus speed limit

NB: These breaches are to be read in conjunction with the entire regulations.

Breach fees

  1. Any breach of the parking regulations may result in a breach fee.
  2. Vehicles may be clamped or towed for any of the following breaches:
    1. Parking breach in conjunction with unpaid breach fees.
    2. Parking on a numbered/reserved park or restricted area without authority.
    3. Parking on a mobility park without authority.
  3. Vehicles will be towed for any of the following breaches:
    1. Posing a danger to other road users.
    2. Blocking access chains or driveways.
    3. Persistent parking breaches where breach fees remain unpaid.
  4. Moving vehicle breaches will be referred to the Police.

Pay parking breach fee online

Pay part of a parking breach fee online
Please ensure you have checked with the Operations Service Desk prior to using this form.


If you wish to appeal a parking breach notice you are encouraged to complete an online parking breach appeal form.

Please note the following reasons are NOT acceptable grounds for appeal. Any parking breach appeal form using the following reasons will be automatically rejected.

  • Ignorance of regulations.
  • Not obeying signage.
  • Late for class/work.
  • Parking in a no parking area.
  • Parked on yellow lines/grass.
  • Failure to purchase or display permit/coupon.
  • Inclement weather.
  • Did not realise that permit had expired.
  • Failure to display permit.
  • No spaces available.