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Study mathematics and statistics , Ākona te pāngarau me te tatauranga

Study maths or stats at Massey to work in sectors such as analytics, engineering, finance, health, manufacturing, market research or scientific research.

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For the love of numbers

Understanding statistics, big data and mathematics through Massey can lead to a diverse range of careers in many industries.

Change the world

Some of the biggest problems facing our planet have been discovered and potentially solved through data. Be part of the solution.

Go broad or specialise

Massey's large range of science courses means you can specialise in your area of interest or mix and match across disciplines.

Global recognition

Our qualifications in this area are accredited by international industry bodies, so you can work in New Zealand and overseas.


Love numbers? We do too – and we're experts in using maths and stats to solve some of the biggest problems facing our planet.

Learn from world-class lecturers and researchers in statistics and in pure and applied maths, with expertise in areas such as climate change, epidemiology, natural disasters or scientific computing. Delve into data sets, models, simulations and theories. Hone skills in research, analysis and communication. Apply these skills to a wide range of industries or government agencies.

Mathematics and statistics are a good fit if you:

  • enjoy school subjects such as maths or computing
  • want to analyse data and forecast trends (statistics) or use numbers to examine problems and complex structures (mathematics)
  • like creative problem-solving or thinking logically and analytically – or both.

Maths and stats courses may cover:

  • algorithms
  • big data – analysing very large data sets to spot patterns
  • calculus, which can be widely applied – examples include economics, engineering and medicine
  • data or survey analysis
  • logic, used to prove mathematical theories
  • modelling to predict trends in areas such as business, health or the environment.

How to study mathematics and statistics

Discover what we offer if you’re interested in mathematics and statistics – whether you’re coming to university for the first time, changing direction or returning to advance your study or career.

Undergraduate study

An undergraduate qualification is generally the first thing you’ll study at university.

Bachelor's degrees

Degrees are the standard qualifications you do at university – the most common is called a bachelor’s. Degrees give you enough time to explore your interests, and also focus on specific subjects.

Undergraduate certificates

If you want to study at university, but aren't sure if you want to commit to a degree, try an undergraduate certificate.

Graduate certificates

Graduate certificates let you study in a subject you're interested in without doing a second bachelor's degree. Or you can use it as a bridge to postgraduate study if you already have an undergraduate degree.

Undergraduate diplomas

Undergraduate diplomas let you try university study before you commit to a degree. They’re also useful if you need to advance your career.

Graduate diplomas

Graduate diplomas can help you advance to postgraduate study or research in a subject you haven’t majored in for your undergraduate study.

Relevant undergraduate subjects to major or specialise in

When you apply to study at Massey, for some undergraduate qualifications you can choose what subject you’d like to specialise in. You can usually change your mind after you get to university, depending on the courses you enrol in.

Postgraduate study

Once you’ve graduated with a bachelor’s degree – or have equivalent experience – you’ll be ready to take on postgraduate study.

Master's degrees

A master's degree normally builds on a main subject of study from your undergraduate degree.

PhD and other doctoral degrees

Doctoral degrees, including PhDs, are the highest degrees we award. They’re very demanding and their entry criteria reflect this.

What our students say

“I’ve really enjoyed studying statistics at Massey. I’ve been challenged in many areas, and any difficulties I faced were easily and quickly tended to.”
Rachael Whiteman

Master of Science (Statistics)

“Massey helped me to grow my ability to learn quickly and efficiently, and I use that every day at work. My studies also helped me pick up R and Python which I use every day to develop models and automate data processes.”
Marcus Koolaard

Bachelor of Science (Statistics)

“I love detail and complexity. I love pulling apart systems and the underlying logic to see what really makes them tick. I find it absolutely exciting to develop models which emulate real-world behaviours.”
Jay Ta'ala

Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)

Jobs in mathematics and statistics

Deep understanding of numbers or big data add value to many careers – as do the analytical and communication skills gained while studying mathematics and statistics. Businesses, government agencies and other organisations increasingly collect and interpret data to build understanding and make decisions.

Our graduates help solve problems in diverse areas, with examples ranging from the energy sector to technology, finance to health, engineering to market research. Job prospects are good, with high demand for skilled employees.

Mathematics and statistics careers include:

  • data analysts
  • data scientists, who analyse information for businesses or government
  • epidemiologists, who study the spread and control of diseases
  • financial or business analysts, who may work for banks, insurance companies or management consultants
  • market research analysts
  • policy analysts, who interpret information for government or businesses
  • teachers or lecturers.

Annual salary ranges for jobs

Salary ranges disclaimer

Indicative pay rates are:

Which mathematics and statistics qualification?

Examples of where our qualifications may take you.

Table showing jobs and what you could study to enter them.
Jobs Examples of what you could study
Data analyst or consultant Bachelor of Arts (Mathematics)
Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)
Bachelor of Arts (Statistics)
Bachelor of Science (Statistics)
Master of Analytics (Business)
Data scientist Master of Analytics
Epidemiologist or health data analyst Master of Analytics (Health)
Data analyst or market research analyst or policy analyst Bachelor of Arts (Mathematics)
Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)
Bachelor of Arts (Statistics)
Bachelor of Science (Statistics)
Market research analyst Bachelor of Arts (Statistics)
Bachelor of Science (Statistics)
Policy analyst Bachelor of Arts (Mathematics)
Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)
Bachelor of Arts (Statistics)
Bachelor of Science (Statistics)

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