Study Abroad at Massey from home

Travel restrictions don’t have to keep you from having your New Zealand experience. Virtual Study Abroad allows you to study at Massey remotely.

  • Connect with Kiwis and other international students in your classes
  • Meet up with other students through Massey@Distance student association events
  • Engage with Massey faculty members in courses designed to be delivered online
  • Take courses with an international perspective from outside your home country
  • Stay on track for graduation with courses that credit back to your degree
  • Enhance your resume and future employability with an international education experience

Wide range of subjects available

Virtual Study Abroad enables you to take up to four online courses per semester. This gives you the flexibility to enrol in a single course or take a full-time load during one of our semesters.

Each 15-credit course equates to 3 – 4 U.S. semester credits, 7.5 ECTS, or 15 CATS.

Most subjects at Massey, except for design and creative arts, are available for you to study, including unique areas focused on New Zealand history, society, land, animals, business, and Māori language, culture, and arts. 

Enrolling in courses

You are welcome to enrol in any Distance course you are eligible to take. Ensure the Distance course you want to take does not have a Contact Workshop before enrolling in it. 

You can find the Contact Workshop heading on each course page by following the link above to the subject and course you want, then clicking on the Distance offering.

How to apply

Virtual Study Abroad students go through the same application process and meet the same entry requirements as traditional Study Abroad students.

The application deadlines for Virtual Study Abroad are

  • 28 January 2022 for Semester 1 2022
  • 18 June 2022 for Semester 2 2022

Course fees

Massey’s Virtual Study Abroad has lower costs than traditional Study Abroad.

  • No student visa fee
  • No Studentsafe insurance fee
  • No transportation costs
  • Non-tuition fees are lower
  • New Zealand GST is not charged, though you may be liable for GST in your country of residence

The tuition fee is NZ $2,696 per course.
Hover over the fee to see the current exchange rate.

Massey will not charge a fee to take an overseas exam or to provide a transcript at the end of the semester.  Students who reside outside of New Zealand for the entire period of their study will not be liable for New Zealand GST at the rate of 15%, but rather at a zero rate of GST.  Students who reside in Australia are liable for the Australian GST at the rate of 10%.