Discussion Papers

This series contains work in progress at the School of Economics and Finance, Massey University. The current series contains papers primarily from the economics discipline. Comments and criticism are invited. Quotations may be made on explicit permission of the author(s). For enquiries please contact Kim Williams at K.Williams@massey.ac.nz. Click on the files on the third column to download a copy of the paper in Acrobat format.

Note: Those papers that have subsequently been revised and published are not downloadable, but where available, the publication reference is made available.

21.03 The Economics of Global Warming 1959 - 2020. (W A Razzak ) DP2103 (2,063 KB)
21.02 The Ownership of Oil, Democracy, and Iraq's Past, Present and Future (W A Razzak ) DP2102 (1,615 KB)
21.01 Large-scale mining and local development: Evidence from Mongolia (O. Narantungalag ) DP2101 (2,397 KB)
20.08 Measuring the Effect of Negative Interest Rate on New Zealand Banks (W A Razzak ) DP2008 (221 KB)
20.07 The Dynamic of COVID-19 New Infections under Different Stringent Policies (W A Razzak ) DP2007 (539 KB)
20.06 The Riddle of the Natural Rate of Interest (W A Razzak ) DP2006 (640 KB)
20.05 Does Testing for Coronavirus reduce Deaths? (W A Razzak ) DP2005 (348 KB)
20.04 Modelling New Zealand COVID-19 Infection Rate,and the Efficacy of Social Distancing Policy (W A Razzaak ) DP2004 (409 KB)
20.03 Article length and citation outcomes (S Hasan, R. Breunig (Australian National University) ) DP2003 (1,069 KB)
20.02 Research Effort and Economic Growth (W A Razzak) DP2002 (295 KB)
20.01 The Transitional Dynamic of Finance Led Growth (W A Razzak, E. M. Bentour (University of Grenoble Alpes) ) DP2001 (504 KB)
19.02 Consumers’ Perception of Food Safety Risk From Vegetables: A Rural - Urban Comparison (Thanh Mai Ha, Shamim Shakur, Kim hang Pham Do ) DP1902 (476 KB)
19.01 Exchange rate, remittances and expenditure of foreign-born households: evidence from Australia (Syed Hasan, Nazmun Ratna (Lincoln University) Shamim Shakur ) DP1901 (674 KB)
18.08 Regional Differences in Willingness to Pay for Organic Vegetables in Vietnam (Thanh Mai Ha, Shamim Shakur and Kim Hang Pham Do) DP1808 (476 KB)
18.07 Options of Optimal Dam Capacity Under Externality and Uncertainty (Harold Houba (Vrije Universiteit and Tinbergen Institute), Kim Hang Pham Do and Xueqin Zhu (Wageningen University)) DP1807 (326 KB)
18.06G Projecting Post-Crisis House and Equity Prices Since the 1870s: Not All Crises are Alike (Guest Author - Shuddhasattwa Rafiq (Deakin University ) DP1806 (972 KB)
18.05 Natural Hazards and Internal Migration: The Role of Transient Versus Permanent Shocks (Syed Hasan) DP1805 (918 KB)
18.04 Deviations in Real Exchange Rate Levels in the OECD Countries and their Structural Determinents (Martin Berka) DP1804 (3,096 KB)
18.03 Technology Development, Self-Reliance, and Oil Imports in China (Guest Paper) DP1803 (2,547 KB)
18.02 The Production Effects of Crop Diversification Requirements Under the European Union Greening Policy (Daniel Voica) DP1802 (2,571 KB)
18.01 An Empirical Analysis of the Time Pattern of Remittances and Tongan Migrants in New Zealand (Rukmani Gounder) DP1801 (2,542 KB)
17.01 Real Exchange Rates and Sectoral ProductivityY in the Eurozone (MARTIN BERKA) DP1701 (692 KB)
16.02 From Knowledge-Based Economies to Ubiquitous Innovation Societies: Business Innovation, Common Innovation, and the Well-Being of Nations (HANS-JÜRGEN ENGELBRECHT) DP1602 (2,672 KB)
16.01 Evaluating Airline Performance with Nonoriented Slacks Based Measures of Super Efficiency. (James Obben) DP1601 (2,734 KB)
15.03 Ethics and Economics in the First Edition of Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments (1759) - PART 2 (James Alvey) Not Available
15.02 Ethics and Economics in the First Edition of Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments (1759) - PART 1 (James Alvey) Not Available
15.01 Comprehensive Wealth or Inclusive Wealth? (HANS-JÜRGEN ENGELBRECHT) DP1501 (2,974 KB)
14.03 Ethics and Economics in Adam Smith’s Very Early Works, Lectures and Correspondence – Part Two (James Alvey) DP1403 (1,352 KB)
14.02 Adam Smith’s Very Early Works, Lectures and Correspondence – Part One (James Alvey) DP1402 (1,233 KB)
14.01 A New Framework for Ethics and Economics (James Alvey) DP1401 (2,659 KB)
13.04 Aspects of the Government Size-Economic Growth Rate Nexus in the OECD: 1973-2011 DP1304 (2,674 KB)
13.03   The Role of Issue Linkage in Managing Noncooperating Basins: The Case of the Mekong (Kim Hang Pham Do AND Ariel Dinar) DP1303 (407 KB)
13.02   A Comparison of Sustainability Indicies Associated with the Capital Approach to Development, Non-Monetary Sustainability Indices, and Life Satisfaction: Mixed Messages from OECD Countries (Hans-JÜRGEN Engelbrecht) DP1302 (357 KB)
13.01   Revisiting the First Ten Years: Assessing the Case for Government Involvement in the Construction of Wellington’s Westpac Stadium (Sam Richardson) DP1301 (831 KB)
12.04 Towards a General Model of the Innovation - Subjective Well-Being Nexus (HANS-JÜRGEN ENGELBRECHT) DP1204 (295 KB)
12.03 Estimating the Value of Provincial Rugby in New Zealand: The Case of Wanganui (Sam Richardson) DP1203 (1,596 KB)
12.02 Justification for Government Involvement in the Hosting of Sports Events: Do Projected Impacts Materalise? (Sam Richardson) DP1202 (1,639 KB)
12.01 Build the Stadium -Create Jobs and Boost Incomes?  The Realised Economic Impacts of Sports Facilities in New Zealand (Sam Richardson) DP1201 (1,196 KB)
11.10 Windfarms and Residential Property Values (Iona McCarthy & Hatice Ozer Balli) DP1110 (888 KB)
11.09 Aristotle's Ethics and Economics Part II: Politics (High and Low) (James E. Alvey) DP1109 (1,652 KB)
11.08 Aristotle's Ethics and Economics PART I: Ethics (James E. Alvey) DP1108 (1,613 KB)
11.07 Macroeconomics Shock Adjustment to Small Open Economies: A Structural VAR Model of the New Zealand Economy  (Shamim Shakur & Richard Manning) DP1107 (9,358 KB)
11.06 Ethics and Economics, Today and in the Past (James E. Alvey) DP1106 (918 KB)
11.05 The Assignment-Examination Relationship and the Probabilistic Performance of the Intermediate Macroeconomics Students: 2000-2011 (James Obben) DP1105 (859 KB)
11.04 Can Issue Linkage Help Mitigate Externalities and Enhance Cooperation? (Kim Hang Pham Do, Ariel Dinar, Daene McKinney) DP1104 (462 KB)
11.03 Saving the Mekong River basin (Harold Houba, Kim Hang Pham Do, Xueqin Zhu) DP1103 (387 KB)
11.02 The Long March of China and India to Prosperity: The Progress so Far and Some Constraints (Srikanta Chatterjee) DP1102 (473 KB)
11.01 Plato Part III: Overall Comments on Plato’s Ethics and Economics  (James E. Alvey) DP1101 (1,320 KB)
10.14 Plato Part II: The 'Late' Dialogues (With Focus on Laws)  (James E. Alvey) DP1014 (1,395 KB)
10.13 The Politics of Tax: New Zealand 1844-45 (Kevin Heagney) DP1013 (321 KB)
10.12 New Zealand's Fiscal Inheritance: An Assessment of the Development of Direct Taxation in the Mother Country Part IV: 1801-1850 (Kevin Heagney) DP1012 (314 KB)
10.11 Australasian taxation Schedule E: A Precursor of New Zealand's Institutional Framework? (Kevin Heagney) DP1011 (286 KB)
10.10 New Zealand's Fiscal Inheritance: An Assessment of the Development of Direct Taxation in the Mother Country Part III: 1801-1850 (Kevin Heagney) DP1010 (347 KB)
10.09 New Zealand's Fiscal Inheritance: An Assessment of the Development of Direct Taxation in the Mother Country Part II: 1701-1800 (Kevin Heagney) DP1009 (356 KB)
10.08 New Zealand's Fiscal Inheritance: An Assessment of the Development of Direct Taxation in the Mother Country Part I: 1600-99 (Kevin Heagney) DP1008 (328 KB)
10.07 Tax law New Zealand 1844 - 1845: The Property Rate, the Property Rate Amendment and The Dealers' Licensing Ordinance (Kevin Heagney) DP1007 (318 KB)
10.06 Plato Part 1: The 'Early' and 'Middle' Dialoques (James E. Alvey) DP1006 (316 KB)
10.05 Natural Capital and Live Satisfaction Across Countries: A Different Perspective on Natural Capital Abundance and Dependence DP1005 (3,198 KB)
10.04 Ethics and Economics in Socrates and Xenophon (James Alvey) DP1004 (1,324 KB)
10.03 Knowledge-Based Economies and Subjective Well-Being (Hans-Jürgen Engelbrecht) DP1003 (688 KB)
10.02 The Context of Ancient Greek Ethics and Economics (James Alvey) DP1002 (644 KB)
10.01 Some Economic Dimensions Of Higher Education Within And Beyond National Frontiers (Srikanta Chatterjee) DP1001 (245 KB)
09.09 The Dynamic Relationship Between The State Pension Scheme And Household Saving In New Zealand (James Obben) DP0909 (1,067 KB)
09.08 Modelling Tax Policy Development Governor Fitzroy’s Tax Reform 1844-45 (Kevin Heagney) DP0908 (524 KB)
09.07 The Conflicting Revenue and Expenditure Record of Crown Colony New Zealand 1840-1852 (Kevin Heagney) DP0907 (339 KB)
09.06 James M. Buchanan’s Parable: A Conjectural History of Private Property and a Perplexing Argument for Limits on the Market (James E. Alvey) DP0906 (239 KB)
09.05 Buchanan on Culture: Victorian Budgetary Ethics and ‘Puritan Ethics’ (James E. Alvey) DP0905 (304 KB)
09.04 The Foundations of James Buchanan’s Work: Exchange and Gains from Trade in all Aspects of Life, including Markets and Politics (James E. Alvey) DP0904 (299 KB)
09.03 Natural Capital, Subjective Well-Being, and the New Welfare Economics of Sustainability: Some Evidence from Cross-Country Regressions (Hans-Jürgen Engelbrecht) DP0903 (413 KB)
09.02 India's Evolving Food Economy and Trade Prospects for Australia and New Zealand DP0902 (238 KB)
09.01 Theory, Consistency and Rhetoric (Stuart Birks) DP0901 (217 KB)
08.04 Average Subjective Well-Being and the Wealth of Nations: Some Insights Derived From the World Bank’s Millennium Capital Assessment (Hans-Jürgen Engelbrecht) DP0804 (387 KB)
08.03 Anatomy of the Recent Growth and Transformation of the Economies of China and India (Srikanta Chatterjee) DP0803 (195 KB)
08.02 China’s Agriculture, Smallholders and Trade: Driven by the Livestock Revolution? (Allan N. Rae) DP0802 (709 KB)
08.01 Empirical Analysis of the Official Cash Rate and the Monetary Transmission Mechanism in New Zealand (James Obben) DP0801 (869 KB)
07.06 Personal Reflections on the Life and Writings of Milton Friedman (1912-2006) (James E. Alvey) DP0706 (296 KB)
07.05 Food Consumption and Calorie Intake in Contemporary India (Srikanta Chatterjee, Allan Rae & Ranjan Ray) DP0705 (198 KB)
07.04 Ethical Foundations of Adam Smith's Political Economy, August 2007 (James E. Alvey) DP0704 (204 KB)
07.03 On the Over-Sizing Problem of Dickey-Fuller-Type Tests With GARCH Errors, June 2007 (Jen-Je Su) DP0703 (225 KB)
07.02 Economic Volatility, Economic Vulnerability and Foreign Aid: Empirical Results for the South Pacific Island Nations, May 2007 (Rukmani Gounder & Shrabani Saha) DP0702 (333 KB)
07.01 Impacts of Exchange Rate Movements on Share Prices of Individual Firms in the New Zealand Headline Index: Exploration with the Autoregressive Distributed Lag Model, February 2007 (James Obben) DP0701 (338 KB)
06.12 Socio-Economic Development Policies: Livelihood Strategies and Poverty Reduction in Fiji, November 2006 (Rukmani Gounder) DP0612 (193 KB)
06.11 Free Riding Problems and Feasible Allocations for Regional Fishery Management Organizations, November 2006 (Kim Hang Pham Do and Henk Folmer) DP0611 (255 KB)
06.10 Fishery Management Games: How to Reduce Efforts and Admittance of New Members, November 2006 (Kim Hang Pham Do, Henk Folmer and Henk Norde) DP0610 (273 KB)
06.09 Corruption, extortion, reputation, and asymmetric information, August 2006 (Neil Campbell) DP0609 (159 KB)
06.08 Analysis of the relationship between the Share Market performance and exchange rates in New Zealand: A cointegrating var approach, July 2006 (James Obben, Andrew Pech & Shamim Shakur) DP0608 (466 KB)
06.07 Does central bank independence really offer a ‘free lunch’ to countries? April 2006 (James Obben) DP0607 (415 KB)
06.06 The ‘new view’ of Adam Smith and the development of his views over time, April 2006 (James E. Alvey) DP0606 (515 KB)
06.05 Analysis of the aid, fiscal response and growth relationship in Ghana: a cointegrating var approach, March 2006 (James Obben & Vilaphonh Xayavong) DP0605 (401 KB)
06.04 Food consumption, trade reforms and trade patterns in contemporary India: How do Australia and NZ fit in? March 2006 (Srikanta Chatterjee, Allan Rae & Ranjan Ray) DP0604 (225 KB)
06.03 Spurious regressions between stationary series: some further investigations, February 2006 (Jen-Je Su) DP0603 (405 KB)
06.02 The use of subsample values for estimating a general statistic from integrated time series, February 2006 (Jen-Je Su) DP0602 (238 KB)
06.01 Happiness and economic production through 'social sharing' in the Internet age: some results from seti@home*, January 2006 ( Hans-Jurgen Engelbrecht) DP0601 (544 KB)