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New Zealand Indigenous Flora Seed Bank

The New Zealand Indigenous Flora Seed Bank (NZIFSB) aims to collect the seeds of New Zealand flora, to conserve the biodiversity within New Zealand’s indigenous flora.

New Zealand is recognised as a biodiversity hotspot. We have around 2600 taxa of indigenous plants, with 80 per cent of these classified as endemic and 40% at risk or threatened. Seed banking is a recognised conservation strategy to support in-situ conservation efforts.

About the project

The New Zealand Indigenous Flora Seed Bank (NZIFSB) is a collaboration between Massey University, the Department of Conservation, AgResearch, Landcare and the New Zealand Plant Conservation Network. It is part of the Millennium Seed Bank partnership. 

About the plants

The aim is to collect seed of all flowering plants of the New Zealand flora, assuming the seed can be banked. Four specific target species groups have been identified – seed of the Myrtaceae, alpine flora, Fabaceae and Podocarps and other trees of the forest.


We are always looking for people to help us. You can join one of our seed collector's training events or expeditions, where you will go to selected sites when seeds and herbarium voucher specimens are ready to be collected. 

The Millennium Seed Bank

The UK-based project aims to have 25% (75,000) of the world's flora species banked by 2020. So far 13% of all wild plant species are in the seed bank.

Our partners

Partners in the NZIFSB provide the facility for housing the seeds, host the flora database, give taxonomic advice, help with collection and help with access to protected conservation land.

Latest news

The most recent news from both the New Zealand Flora Seed Bank project and the global initiatives led by the Millennium Seed Bank Programme.

Contact us


Volunteers are a vital part of the seed bank project and there is specific training available for those who volunteer. If you are interested in volunteering contact Georgina Aubia or Mesu Tora.

Other enquiries

If you have any other questions about the New Zealand Indigenous Flora Seed project for instance regarding our research or accessing the Bank contact Craig McGill