EpiCentre collaborators

Massey collaborators

The EpiCentre is one of two closely aligned groups (mEpiLab and the EpiCentre) within Massey University's School of Veterinary Science(SoVS).

EpiCentre ties with mEpiLab as a sister group at Massey with a very different but highly complimentary portfolio. mEpiLab has a focus on infectious, bacterial zoonotic diseases with an associated PC-II laboratory and strong molecular microbiology and epidemiology skills. It’s core interest is in research with a comparatively small associated teaching calendar. EpiCentre and mEpiLab align on a number of research programmes on zoonotic disease and public health, e.g. leptospirosis, paratuberculosis, campylobacteriosis. Another sister group, albeit a little more distant in terms of ongoing collaboration, is the Centre of Public Health Research (CPHR) at the Wellington campus of Massey University.

EpiCentre and mEpiLab have complimentary capabilities:


  • Generalised epidemiology and public health
  • Statistical analysis of epidemiological data
  • Large Teaching portfolio within SoVS incl. online teaching development, and consulted by external organisations
  • NZ animal industries, e.g. dairy, beef, sheep, deer, working dogs, equine
  • Risk analysis and surveillance portfolio - Big data (NAIT, lab-data, LIC, MINDA, AGRIBASE)
  • Mathematical modelling - Animal health economics at farm and national levels


  • Specialised on infectious, zoonotic diseases
  • Statistical analysis of molecular data
  • Small teaching portfolio
  • PC-II laboratory
  • Public health organisations
  • Molecular tracing through networks
  • Molecular epidemiology (big data)
  • Mathematical modelling of molecular data


OIE collaborators

As an OIE Collaborating Centre, EpiCentre and mEpiLab, and their associated partner China Animal Health and Epidemiology Centre (CAHEC) are assigned by OIE to provide world-leading expertise in their specified fields of expertise in the Asia-Pacific region. Areas of expertise include veterinary epidemiology (including allied fields such as surveillance, risk analysis and animal health economics), veterinary public health, biosecurity and molecular epidemiology. These institutions are also pioneers in One Health research and training.

OIE nominated the Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL), the Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (FVAS) of the University of Melbourne and the EpiCentre of Massey University as a Collaborating Centre for Diagnostic Test Validation Science in the Asia-Pacific region. The three applicant institutions are acknowledged as providers of world-leading expertise in their specified fields, namely, the development and validation of veterinary diagnostic tests and veterinary epidemiology. Three unique institutional skill sets are brought together in this proposal. Development and validation of diagnostic tests for emerging and transboundary animal diseases (AAHL), development and validation of diagnostic tests for endemic animal diseases (AAHL, FVAS, EpiCentre) and veterinary epidemiology (FVAS, EpiCentre).

International collaborators