Get ready to start at Massey , I mua i tō tīmata

There’s a lot to think about when you start university. Complete this checklist, and you’ll have all the essentials covered.

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All students

Complete your application to study with us

1. Accept your Offer of Place 

The first thing you need to do is let us know you’re coming! Once you have been accepted into your qualification you need to make sure you accept your Offer of Place. This will be sent to your Student Portal.


Do this as soon as possible to secure your place and receive your Student ID number.

2. Enrol in courses for your first semester

Your enrolment at Massey won't be complete until you sign up for courses for your first semester and pay your fees. Follow these steps to enrol in courses:

  • When you accept your Offer of Place, you'll receive an email to your personal account with your Student ID number.
  • Log into the student portal using this number and the password you set up when you applied to Massey.
  • Open the "Qualifications and Courses" tab.
  • Under "My study", you'll see a link called "Enrol in courses". Click here and follow the prompts to choose the courses you want to enrol in.

Sign into the student portal


Course enrolments open on 1 October each year. 

Some courses are very popular, and fill up fast. Enrol as soon as possible to make sure you can do the courses you're most interested in.

3. Accept your Offer of Enrolment

If your enrolment is successful, you'll receive an Offer of Enrolment in the student portal. Follow these steps to accept the offer:

  • sign into the student portal
  • open the "Messages" tab
  • you should have a message called "Offer of Enrolment"
  • follow the prompts to accept your offer.

Your Offer of Enrolment message will outline the fees for each of your courses.

Sort out your student finance and pay your fees

If you’re a New Zealand citizenyou may be able to get a grant to pay for the first year of your study with Fees Free Study. You won’t have to pay this back. 

If you study Fees Free, your fees will be paid on your behalf after you enrol in courses. You won't have to do anything.

Check whether you qualify at

You can also get a government loan to pay your fees and cover some of your costs while you study.

If you have a student loan, you have to log into StudyLink to pay your fees.

Apply for a student loan at


Applications for student finance can take a few months to process.

  • If you think you qualify for Fees Free study, let us know as soon as possible. We will send you a form to fill in and apply on your behalf.
  • To receive your student loan before the start of your first semester, you have to apply by 16 December. But don’t worry if you’re a bit late. You can still apply, even once you’ve started your programme.

Get online

Whether you’re a distance student or you study at a campus, you’ll manage your life and academic work at Massey with our package of online learning and support tools: the student portal, Stream and MyHub.

One of the smartest ways to prepare for Massey is to set these up before the start of your first semester, so that when courses start, you'll be free to focus on learning.

When and how to set up your network password, Stream and MyHub

Order your student ID card

Your student ID card lets you access our library buildings, use the facilities, sit your exams, and gets you discounts at lots of shops, cafés and bars around our campuses.

Order your ID card in the student portal


You can order your card after you’ve enrolled in the courses for your first semester.

Find out how to order a student ID card, replacement cards and photo requirements

Campus students

Apply for accommodation

Finding the right place to live while you study is important, because your home will be a huge part of your university experience.

Whether you want to live in a hall of residence with lots of other students, somewhere quiet you can relax after classes, or in a homestay as part of a family, Massey has accommodation to suit you.

Accommodation at Massey

Register with the Accommodation Gateway to apply for halls of residence or apartments.

Massey Accommodation Gateway


  • Applications to live in halls and apartments in Semester 1 will open on 1 August in the year before you start studying.
  • You can apply for homestay accommodation at any time. It takes about two weeks to be assigned somewhere to live.
  • Some accommodation options are very popular and fill up fast, so get your application in as soon as you can.

Sort out your timetable

You can view your class timetable in both the student portal and the Massey Uni App.

Find out more about sorting out your timetable


You can view your timetable when you enrol in courses and once you have enrolled.

International students

If you’re an international student, there are some extra things you need to do before you start at Massey.

Get your student visa

Most international students will need a student visa to study in New Zealand. You can choose the right one for you and apply at Immigration New Zealand.

Apply for your visa at


Student visa applications sometimes take a few months to process, so apply for yours as soon as possible.

Buy medical and travel insurance

As an international student at Massey, you need to have medical and travel insurance. This is part of New Zealand law.

The easiest option is to buy insurance through StudentSafe. You won't have to sign up for StudentSafe. We'll offer it to you when you pay your fees.

How StudentSafe works and how much it costs

You can choose a different insurance policy if you want to, but:

  • It has to meet our minimum insurance requirements.
  • We need to check it's acceptable. You can send us the details in the student portal.

Choosing another insurance policy 


If you choose StudentSafe, you'll buy it automatically when you pay your fees.

If you choose another insurance policy, you have to upload it to the student portal before the Date of Withdrawal Without Penalty (about two weeks after the start of your first semester).

Plan to arrive at your campus before the International Student Welcome Programme

Massey’s International Student Welcome Programme is designed to make sure you have everything you need to stay happy and safe as a student in New Zealand. It’s compulsory — this means you must attend it.

The welcome programme is a chance to:

  • learn about your campus and city
  • find out how we can support you while you’re here
  • get important information about life in New Zealand
  • make sure you’re ready to start your course
  • meet other students from around the world.

It’s a good idea to arrive on campus two days before the welcome programme starts, so you’ve got time to settle in.