Study abroad and exchange at Massey in New Zealand

Come and experience life at Massey. Earn credits that count toward your degree, and explore New Zealand Aotearoa in your free time.

Study abroad at Massey

Find out what it's like to spend a semester or a year with us, and how we can give you a great New Zealand experience.

How to apply for study abroad or exchange at Massey

A guide to applying to come to Massey for study abroad or exchange. Check deadlines, find entry requirements and get the form.

Get ready for study abroad or exchange at Massey

Everything you need to do after you accept your Offer of Place – get a visa, enrol in courses, book your accommodation and more.

Fees, costs & scholarships

Check study abroad and student exchange fees, learn what it costs to live in New Zealand, and search for scholarships.

Internship opportunities

Get experience working for a New Zealand company or government agency while you study at Massey – or come and intern for us.

Virtual study abroad programme

Take online courses at Massey, and transfer your credits back to your degree programme at your home university.

Global Student-Athlete programme

Complete an elite sports training programme while you study at our Manawatū campus in Palmerston North.