Psychology research , Rangahau mātai hinengaro

Our researchers in the field of psychology help to make sense of the human impact on the world in which we live.

Our School of Psychology shares and encourages serious scholarship, innovative and thoughtful research, and collegial culture.

We often do research for partners outside Massey or work with stakeholders in particular areas or as part of long-term relationships. Our consultancy makes the most of expertise from within the school and all around the university, offering fresh thinking.

Research teams

Here are a few examples of how our academics come together to create and share new knowledge.

Disaster zone.

Joint Centre for Disaster Research

JCDR is an international centre for research and teaching in disaster risk and emergency management. We develop community disaster resilience by providing state-of-the-art graduate teaching and research programmes to both New Zealand and people worldwide.

Health & Ageing Research Team – HART

The Health and Ageing Research Team (HART) is an interdisciplinary group of researchers doing research projects related to health and ageing in New Zealand.

Māori disaster risk reduction & emergency management

Professor Christine Kenney shows how the Māori communitarian approach to risk reduction is effective and can be applied globally.

Centre for Indigenous Psychologies

A space where Indigenous Psychologies are embraced, experienced, understood and developed in ways that can benefit all communities.

Ending Poverty and Inequality Cluster – EPIC

Contributing to global research in poverty and inequality, and the United Nation's sustainable development goals.


Navigate In Unity: Pacific Approaches to Community-Humanitarianism (NIUPATCH) shines light on how Pacific communities in Aotearoa and overseas respond to disaster and humanitarian challenges.

Highlighted research

Explore a selection of research projects within the school, including a study of conspiracy theory beliefs recently awarded a grant from the Marsden Fund Te Pūtea Rangahau.

Caught in a web of lies? Persistence and change in conspiracy theory beliefs

Dr Matthew Williams

Using a first-of-its-kind longitudinal study with data collected over two years, we seek answers to three crucial questions:

  • When a person changes their belief about a conspiracy theory, what reasons do they give?
  • Does belief in one conspiracy theory lead to belief in others?
  • Do negative psychological experiences such as stress, depression, and reduced trust precipitate belief in conspiracy theories?

Maximising workforce participation for older New Zealanders

Professor Christine Stephens and Professor Fiona Alpass

This research study seeks to answer a crucial question for an ageing population: How can government, employers and workers maximise older New Zealanders’ participation in the workforce?

Better Work in Later Life website

New Zealand Health, Work and Retirement study – HWR

Professor Christine Stephens and Professor Fiona Alpass

The New Zealand Health, Work and Retirement Study is a longitudinal study of people in New Zealand aged 55 years and over – looking at issues such as health, work, retirement and housing.

Read more about HWR

Psycurity – the psychology of security

Dr Veronica Hopner

Massey's Psycurity Cluster examines contemporary issues such as freedom, privacy and security and how these impact individuals, groups and communities. It's a partnership between:

  • Centre of Defence and Strategic Studies
  • School of Psychology.

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