Important information for all international students

Tuition fees/financial support

  • Tuition fees are subject to annual adjustment by the University Council and students agree to pay the tuition fees as set each year.
  • There is no financial assistance available from the University and it is students’ responsibility to ensure that they have sufficient funds available to meet all expenses before commencing a programme of study.
  • One academic year (February to November) is generally equivalent to 120 credits of full time study.
  • Some programmes require more than 120 credits of full time study to be completed in a year. This will also increase the tuition fee for that year of study.
  • Tuition fees do not include accommodation, living expenses, textbooks, field trips, other course related or incidental expenses.

Non-tuition fees

  • Non-tuition fees are calculated on an academic year not by semester. Where a student's study spans two academic years, e.g., commencing in Semester Two and continuing through Semester One of the following year, the student will be liable for the annual non-tuition fees in each academic year.
  • Non-tuition fees include the Enrolment Fee, Student Services Levy, campus charges and Building Levy and are subject to annual adjustment.

Payment of fees

  • The student must pay tuition fees and other Massey University related fees to Massey University directly and not to any recruitment agent or other party, unless instructed by Massey University. This is part of Massey University's fee protection policy.
  • There may be a bank fee charged by Massey University's bank which is payable by the Student.

Refund Policy

  • Refund of tuition fees shall be made to students who withdraw in the manner required from their course(s) before 10% of the study period has elapsed for 2021 study, and 17% of the study period has elapsed for 2022 study, as defined by the course start and end dates (see Enrolment Regulations in the University Calendar). Students who withdraw from all of their study at Massey University within the time and in the manner required to obtain a tuition fees refund must pay a withdrawal fee. Commission paid by Massey University to agents for international students will also be deducted from any refund in respect of the courses withdrawn from.

    When Massey University receives written notice from an international student that he or she has attained permanent residence in New Zealand, then, for any course which has not been commenced (defined by the course start date) at the date of receipt of the notice, Massey University will refund the student the difference between tuition fees received and the domestic tuition fees for the courses concerned. Massey University will require evidence of the change of status. There will be no refund for courses that have commenced.

    Refunds due for overpayment of fees or withdrawal with a refund are made as soon as possible once enrolments and financial support provisions have been established for a particular study period. In any case, where a specific request is made for a refund that has been approved, such refund will be made within 28 days. If the refund cannot be made a written statement shall be provided to the student as to why the refund cannot be made, together with a date by which the refund shall be made.
  • Students under 18 years of age must provide evidence satisfactory to Massey University of parental approval prior to withdrawal or refund being granted.
  • In all cases, Immigration New Zealand will be advised that the student has withdrawn.


  • Massey University will not compensate the student if Massey University cancels and/or postpones courses and/or qualifications whether or not the student has commenced study. After the student has accepted the Offer of a Place, and even after Massey University has issued a written Confirmation of Enrolment, Massey University may still cancel and/or postpone courses and/or qualifications offered from a Programme of Study and/or change the content of any course/qualification the student has enrolled in. If Massey University cancels a qualification and/or course that the student is enrolled in and which the student has not undertaken or if Massey University postpones the start date of any qualification and/or course and a new start date does not suit the student, a refund of fees will be paid for the courses which have not been undertaken and were enrolled in at the time of the cancellation. Massey University may cancel the student's enrolment under the Education Act or as permitted by law.


  • International students must have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance while studying in New Zealand. The Studentsafe-University Insurance fee quoted in the Fees Details may be refundable only when an alternative policy is presented and approved by Massey University. A full refund will be given if Studentsafe Insurance has been charged when the student has not travelled to New Zealand and has not made a claim. Insurance premiums will not be refunded if a claim has been made or if an alternative policy is presented and approved by Massey University part way through a Semester. If no claim has been made, only a proportion of the insurance will be refunded as insurance cover for the travel period, time spent in New Zealand, and the return trip home needs to be retained. Under all circumstances, no refunds will be made following the insurance year close off, normally January preceding the enrolment year. Failure to disclose any known medical conditions to your insurer may invalidate your insurance policy. It is a condition of enrolment for international students that they obtain and maintain sufficient insurance for the duration of your enrolment.

Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016

Students under 18 years of age

  • All international students under 18 years of age must live in Massey University approved accommodation (approved accommodation for under 18 is Massey approved homestay accommodation, Massey approved designated caregiver accommodation or living with parent or legal guardian). All Massey University approved accommodation, including homestay accommodation is compliant with the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016.


  • Full details of immigration requirements, advice on rights to employment in New Zealand while studying, and reporting requirements are available from Immigration New Zealand, and can be viewed on their website at

Starting at Massey

  • There is very important information about starting study at Massey University on our website. Find out more about the compulsory welcome and registration programme, your arrival and your Student ID card, see Starting University.

Campus location and programme of study

  • Massey University reserves the right to select the programme, campus location and start date to be offered to a Student. The programme of study may be selected by Massey University when the Programme selected by the Student is no longer offered by Massey University or when Massey University considers another Programme best suits the Student. Massey University also reserves the right to select the course to be offered to a Student where appropriate.


  • If you currently have a disability or develop a disability while studying at Massey University you should be aware of the associated services and costs. Information is available about alternative examination arrangements for International students.

Completing your qualification

  • Please note Massey University has an expected timeframe in which you must complete your qualification. For more information please see Time to Complete.

Grievance procedure