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School Mission Statement


Massey University School of Accountancy aims to be recognised as a leader in accounting and business law education and research.


To provide quality accounting and business law education that provides a foundation for career success for our graduates; to conduct and disseminate applied research; and to contribute positively to the accounting profession, the university, and the wider community.

Values (guiding principles) 

To achieve our Mission the School will:

  • Be student focused:
    • Ensure its student education programmes are relevant and up-to-date
    • Encourage alternative modes of delivery and learning
  • Be supportive of its staff:
    • Provide staff with opportunities for personal development
    • Maintain quality and uphold professional standards
    • Encourage and support staff research
  • Reinforce and promote the University’s strategic goals
  • Embrace Equal Employment Opportunities principles
  • Recognise the Treaty of Waitangi
  • Maintain transparent and inclusive (participative) management systems

School goals and objectives 

The School seeks to be recognised as a quality provider of accounting and business law education and research. It will attain this vision through realising goals and objectives in the following key areas: education, research, and contribution to the profession, the university, and the wider community.

Student education


To provide quality learning that develops and encourages the capabilities, potential and intellectual independence of students, on a life-long basis, through open entry and blended education both on and off campus.


  • To develop students' communication, analytical, and critical thinking skills.
  • To develop students' understanding of ethical standards and ethical dilemmas, and improve their ethical judgement.
  • To support continuous improvement through a rigorous programme of evaluation and assessment.
  • To reinforce strong commitment to research-led teaching and scholarship.
  • To provide all students access to on-line educational opportunities, support tools and pedagogy of a high standard.
  • To ensure that accounting and business law programmes are delivered to allow  flexible learning and the integration of new technologies into the creation and design of curricula.
  • To ensure that all courses, regardless of the campus or mode of delivery, provide students with access to excellent education, supported by effective quality systems and, where relevant, with appropriate national and international accreditation.



To advance the reputation and performance of the School as a research unit of international standing.


  • To give a high priority to the development of comprehensive research capability on all campuses
  • To target publication in quality journals ranked as B or higher.
  • To encourage applied research and scholarship in the pursuit of academic excellence and to recognise and reward outstanding achievement.
  • To place a high priority on the support and resourcing of researchers, research groups and research activities and to promote emerging researchers through mentoring.
  • To promote emerging researchers through mentoring.
  • To increase the numbers of students undertaking postgraduate research programmes and the level of scholarship and other support available to them.

Contribution to the profession, the university and the wider community


To contribute to the profession, the university and wider community.


  • To contribute to the development of the profession by actively contributing to and participating in professional activities.
  • To contribute to the university by providing quality accounting and business law education.
  • To contribute to the wider community by being a source of expertise and advice.