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Sponsor a kiwi

Download our PDF and read about our available kiwi. Once you've decided which (one or more) you would like to sponsor, fill out the form below. Please include your mailing address for invoicing.

Ponui Kiwi Biographies.pdf (750 KB)

We need your help!

Please help us continue our research by sponsoring part the cost of studying each of our kiwi. To track and study our kiwi, they each need individual radio-transmitters and we need radio-telemetry equipment, batteries, and cameras to be able to follow them. In total, we spend $470 per kiwi each year and we would like to ask you to sponsor this cost for one or more of our birds.

Currently we have 49 adult kiwi with transmitters, but we do not have any transmitters on young kiwi. We would like to be able to follow 15 young kiwi next year. We need the funding for the extra transmitters plus the annual re-potting of the transmitters to ensure that the various projects can continue.

Without transmitters this programme would not be possible.


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Select the number of kiwi you wish to sponsor. Please remember to enter their names in the field above!


Please select your kiwi to sponsor from the document at the top of this form and specify the name(s) in the field above. Pays for a radio-transmitter, battery reporting, and contributes to radio telemetry equipment.


Every year our birds have new chicks. They receive a name if they survive the first year. We prefer names that relate to a person who is special to the team or the person who names the chick. Please enter the new name(s) in the field above.


We have a new kiwi dog in training, Eko, and will get a second dog. We need a kennel where they can sleep that is protected against the elements. We have designed a raised double kennel and run, and it will cost us $500 to buy the materials to build it.

For help and enquiries, please contact:

For more information, please contact Dr. Isabel Castro:

What do you get?

You can choose your own kiwi to sponsor (or more than one, if you like). We will keep you up to date with your birds' news and adventures through an annual report. We will also answer any emails asking about your birds or their friends via the form above.

Choose your own kiwi!

Download the PDF at the top of the page to see details of the kiwi in our programme.  A story and photo of each bird will let you glimpse their unique personality. Once you decide who you want to sponsor, fill in the form with your details. I will update the list of birds regularly so that others know when a bird has a sponsor.


All our projects require the birds to have a radio-transmitter attached. Kiwi are nocturnal and it is difficult to follow them without one.  In NZ, all kiwi projects use transmitters, and they have been proven to be generally safe for the birds.

We need to continually upgrade our transmitters to keep up with the latest, safest and most robust models - especially under the very wet NZ conditions.  We also need the latest, smaller transmitters that are light enough for chicks to carry. As well as the transmitter itself, batteries are changed up to five times at intervals of 12-15 months before the transmitter needs replacing.

The larger the number of bird carrying transmitters, the more and better information we can gather.

In order to best follow and study the birds we also need infrared video cameras, antennae, receivers and other monitoring equipment.

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