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Postgraduate Diploma in Psychological Practice 

Students can enrol in the Postgraduate Diploma in Psychological Practice only with the written approval of the Head of School.  (Contact the Academic Administrator ( for further advice if required.)

How to apply

Applications for this programme close in early October for study starting in semester one the following year. Please check the key dates at application processes.

Step one

Complete the online application for selection into this programme using the "Apply now!" button available on the University's planning page for Postgraduate Diploma in Psychological Practice

Please ensure that you indicate the location (Auckland or Palmerston North) at which you would prefer to attend an interview if your application is shortlisted.

You will need to provide:

  • A current Curriculum Vitae
  • Passport sized photo
  • A brief (up to 500 words) personal statement
  • Optional supporting statements of support from whānau / family
  • Verified academic transcripts including the Title and Abstract of your Master’s thesis
  • Completed Supplementary Questions as per instruction on enrolment pages (you will be able to download the document for completion offline and resume your application at a later time to upload the completed document)
  • If you have been resident overseas in the past 5 years, you need to provide a copy of your application to the appropriate authorities for a record of your criminal convictions (see section below).
  • The name, occupation and email address of two referees. ( Referees will be automatically contacted to supply a confidential reference. Your references MUST be received by 1 October.)
  • Ideally, a provisional agreement from an agency to provide an internship, and a provisional agreement from a Registered Psychologist to serve as a supervisor will need to accompany the application.
  • A copy of your NZ Police Vetting request. (NZ Police –

NB. - Although access to specified fields of the application is restricted to a small number of Massey administrative staff, if you need to include any sensitive information in your personal statement or supplementary questions, you may send that directly to the School of Psychology's Academic Administrator whose postal address also appears below.

Record of Criminal Convictions

The Board requires every applicant to provide a Record of Criminal Convictions, and applicants for registration as an intern psychologist will be required to complete an Authorisation to Disclose Information form, which gives the Board authorisation to request disclosure from the NZ Police Vetting Service regarding any interaction you may have had with the NZ Police in the past seven years. If you have lived overseas you will need to provide a Police Clearance Certificate (such as FBI Criminal Conviction Information/Fingerprint Information in the USA) or an equivalent form detailing any convictions you have had in any country in which you have lived in the past 5 years. In that instance, you need to provide a copy of your request(s) for this information with your application to the programme.

Step two

Complete enrolment for the courses via the University online enrolment channel:
Enrolments generally open in early October for study beginning in Semester One the following year and will close to new students early in December.
Please note: There are two separate processes for application into this selected entry programme and enrolment into the associated courses. 
(Applications generally close 1 October for study in the following year; students successful in their application to be selected will need to complete their enrolment by early December.)

The campus in which you will study the two academic courses (175.851 & 175.852) is Palmerston North (Manawatu); The two practicum courses (175.853 & 175.854) are offered in Distance mode only. The PGDipPsychPrac is offered in block mode, and you can only start in Semester 1. 

It is especially important that you can verify that your master’s degree (or higher degree) has actually been awarded, or will be before commencing the programme (required for Registration as an Intern Psychologist).

Please note: if your master’s degree has not yet been awarded, please request guidance on timelines and process from the Academic Administrator.

Please note: if you have completed your prior postgraduate qualifications at Massey University it is not necessary to submit a transcript of your academic record.

If your postgraduate qualification was from an overseas university you may need to have this assessed by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority ( for equivalence prior to applying for the PGDipPsychPrac. Please contact the Academic Administrator for advice well in advance of the close of applications as equivalence assessment can be a complex and lengthy process. For students whose qualifying degree was not completed at an English-speaking university, demonstration of English language competence (equivalent to an overall IELTS score of at least 7.5 with no band lower than 7.0) is required.

Please note:
If you are given provisional admission to the qualification, you will need to be registered as an Intern Psychologist.  The New Zealand Psychologists Board will require three letters, at least one from a Registered Psychologist, attesting to your “character, work experience, and professional standing”.  The New Zealand Psychologists Board requires that these letters be no more than 3 months old, must be signed and dated and on official letterhead (where applicable).  It would therefore be sensible, and save you and your referees some time, if you selected for your Massey University application only referees who meet New Zealand Psychologists Board criteria for a personal recommendation.  In this way, your application to the programme and your application to the New Zealand Psychologists Board can use the same referees, who only have to do a small cut and paste task, and you need to find only one additional person.  You do however need to ask your referees for a separate letter for the New Zealand Psychologists Board; the University will keep the copies it receives for your application.

Ideally, a provisional agreement from an agency to provide an internship, and a provisional agreement from a Registered Psychologist to serve as a supervisor will need to accompany the application form.


To summarise, admission to the programme is a complex six-step process:

  1. Ensure that you have the basic academic qualifications and a clearly defined plan for a programme of supervised psychological practice.
  2. Approach a potential agency offering psychological services and negotiate with this agency the establishment of an internship.
  3. In conjunction with the agency, approach a Registered Psychologist and develop a preliminary contract for supervision (Steps 2 and 3 may be carried out interchangeably, and supported by Programme staff).
  4. If you have resided overseas, apply for the appropriate record(s) detailing any convictions you have had in any country in which you have lived in the past 5 years. Provide a copy of your letter with your application to the Programme (you will need to provide their response to the Psychologists Board when you apply to be registered as an intern psychologist).
  5. Complete a formal application using the "Apply Now" button at this programme's planning page by the due date in October, attaching the information as requested, draft agreements obtained in Step 2 and a copy of your application to the Ministry of Justice.
    Also, follow the university enrolment process to enrol for the PGDipPsychPrac programme courses before the closing date in early December.
    If offered provisional admission to the programme, apply to the Psychologists Board for registration as an Intern Psychologist.
  6. When Board approval has been received, forward this to the University, via the Academic Administrator, to finalise enrolment in the programme.

    Contact details

    Academic Administrator – Professional Psychology
    School of Psychology
    Massey University
    Private Bag 11-222
    Palmerston North 4442
    New Zealand

    It is essential that your enrolment application and your referees’ reports are submitted by the application deadline.

    More information

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