Denise Blake presents at ISCHP Conference

In July, Senior Lecturer Denise Blake attended the International Society of Critical Health Psychology (ISCHP) conference in Bratislava, Slovakia. The biennial ISCHP conference aims to provide an opportunity for health psychologists and scholars from related disciplines to explore ongoing and emerging issues in critical theory and practice in relation to health and health care.
Through her presentation at the conference, Denise illustrated that traditional, militaristic approaches to disaster management can ignore cultural and social specificity thereby privileging particular communities, such as those with economic and social capital. She argued for more inclusive practices in disaster management that can enable a strategy for all communities by representing the voices of marginalised communities – people receiving opioid substitution treatment, living in rented accommodation and work in in Aotearoa New Zealand's sex industry. She demonstrated the ways in which social, cultural and economic power relations have implications for health and well-being in times of extreme events.

Denise is on the organising committee for the 2021 conference, to be held at Victoria University of Wellington.