Hayley Squance Awarded Fellowship

Congratulations to JCDR PhD candidate Hayley Squance for being awarded the Bob Kerridge Animal Welfare Fellowship!

Squance is an internationally-recognised animal welfare expert who is currently undergoing a PhD titled 'Enhancing multi-agency collaboration for Animal Welfare Emergency Management.' As part of the fellowship, Squance receives $10,000 to research animal welfare in wildfire response, analysing the recent Port Hills and Tasman wildfires.

Talking to stuff.co.nz ("Kerridge Fellowship recipient aims to fill gaps in emergency animal welfare response"), Squance noted that "in the current framework there are agencies who are well-known to work with animals, so this research is looking at how those interactions occurred and if there are any gaps during response."

"But then we're also looking at other agencies - like police, fire or the defence - and what sort of interactions they had with animals and their owners ... what were the positives and negatives and what can we do better and can have lesser impact on people and animals?"

Squance is also working at the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) as the national animal welfare emergency management coordinator.