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Della-Pasqua, F.N.; Benites, R.A.; Massey, C.I. 2017 Evaluating the validity of 2D seismic slope stability assessments. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2016/10 16 p.; doi: 10.21420/G2W01J

Dhellemmes, A.; Leonard, G.S.; Johnston, D.M. 2016 Tsunami awareness and preparedness on the East Coast of New Zealand's North Island. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2016/20 v, 81 p.

Henrys, S.A.; Harris, R.; Ito, Y.; Kido, M.; Kinoshita, C.; Muramoto, T.; Ohta, K.; Quinn, W.; Suzuki, S.; Tomita, F.; Zal, H. 2016 Hikurangi Ocean Bottom Investigation of Tremor and Slow Slip (HOBITSS III). Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2016/38 iii, 66 p. doi:10.21420/G2VC9

Horspool, N.A.; Fraser, S.A. 2016 An analysis of tsunami impacts to lifelines. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2016/22 vi, 87 p.

Kwok, A.H. 2016 Integrating social vulnerability indicators in RiskScape's earthquake risk modelling. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2016/09 iv, 58 p.

Kwok, A.H. 2016 Measuring community resilience : translation of BRIC indicators to the New Zealand context. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2016/58 26 p.; doi: 10.21420/G21P4T

Lin, S.-L.; Uma, S.R.; King, A.B.; Horspool, N.A. 2016 A compiled and extensible database for building damage from the 2010-2011 earthquake sequence in Canterbury, New Zealand. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2016/30. iii, 29 p.

Litchfield, N.J.; Cochran, U.A.; Berryman, K.R.; Clark, K.J.; McFadgen, B.G.; Steel, R. 2016 Gisborne seismic and tsunami hazard : constraints from marine terraces at Puatai Beach. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2016/21 vii, 99 p.

Litchfield, N.J.; Van Dissen, R.J.; Massey, C.I. 2016 Pre-Christchurch earthquake sequence rockfalls in the Port Hills, Christchurch : Wakefield Avenue trench. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2016/25. iii, 32 p.

Lukovic, B.; Power, W.L.; Heron, D.W. 2016 Tsunami evacuation zone boundary mapping : Greater Port Vila and Greater Luganville, Vanuatu. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2016/01 17 p.

Massey, C.I.; Ries, W.F.; Archibald, G.C.; Thomson, J.; Lukovic, B.; Jones, K.E.; Yetton, M.; Mangos, C.; Horspool, N.A. 2016 GeoNet landslide response to the Mw5.7 14 February 2016 (Valentine's Day) Earthquake, Christchurch, New Zealand. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2016/35 71 p.; doi: 10.21420/G2S881

Orchiston, C.; Johnston, D.M.; Becker, J.S.; Boersen, K.; Jensen, D.; Lambie, E.; Jellum, C. 2016 Community understanding of tsunami risk in coastal Washington : 2016 focus group study. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2016/67 24 p.; doi: 10.21420/G2R592

Polom, U.; Mueller, C.; Nicol, A.; Villamor, P.; Langridge, R.M. 2016 Finding the concealed section of the Whakatane Fault in the Whakatane Township with a shear wave land streamer system : a seismic surveying report. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2016/41 iv, 41 p. doi:10.21420/G2QP41

Stewart, C.; Pearse, L.; Pearse, A.; Theophile, G.; Leonard, G.S.; Puech, M. 2016 Assessment of drinking-water quality, Tanna, Vanuatu. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2016/12 iii, 20 p.


Beban, J.G; Stewart, C; Kim, N; Cousins, W.J; Leonard, G; Wright, K; Johnston, D.M. 2015. Challenges of installing and maintaining 200-litre emergency rainwater tanks in the Wellington region, GNS Science Report 2015/21. 37 p. SR_2015-021.pdf (4,536 KB)

Orchiston, C.; Johnston, D.M.; Nielson, J.; Corwin, K.; Becker, J.S. 2015.  Community understanding of tsunami risk in Coastal Washington: 2015 focus group study, GNS Science Report 2015/49. 24 p. SR_2015-049.pdf (876 KB)

MacDonald, C.; Davies, B.; Johnston, D.M.; Paton, D.; Malinen, S.; Naswall, K.; Kuntz, J.; Stevenson, J. 2015. A framework for exploring the role of business in community recovery following disasters, GNS Science Report 2015/62. 22 p. SR_2015-062.pdf (583 KB)

Becker, J.; Paton, D.; Johnston, D. 2015. Communication of Risk: A community resilience perspective, GNS Science Report 2015/66. 30 p. SR_2015-066.pdf (656 KB)


Coomer, M. A.; Doyle, E. E. H.; Johnston, D. M.; Becker, J. S.; Fraser, S. A.; Johal, S.; Leonard, G. S.; Potter, S. H.; McClure, J.; Wright, K. C. 2014. Cook Strait Earthquakes: Survey on reactions of Wellington residents to the Cook Strait earthquake sequence, GNS Science Report 2014/41. 57 p. + Appendix. SR_2014-041.pdf (2,985 KB)


Beban, J.; Stewart, C.; Johnston, D. M.; Cousins, W. J. 2013. A study of the role of rainwater tanks as an emergency water source for the Wellington region following a major earthquake on the Wellington Fault, GNS Science Report 2013/16. 17 p. SR_2013-016.pdf (1,015 KB)

Fraser, S. A.; Leonard, G. S.; Johnston, D. M. 2013. Intended evacuation behaviour in a local earthquake and tsunami at Napier, New Zealand, GNS Science Report 2013/26. 55 p. SR_2013-026.pdf (2,834 KB)

Fraser, S. A.; Power, W. L. 2013. Validation of a GIS-based attenuation rule for indicative tsunami evacuation zone mapping. GNS Science Report 2013/02, 21 p. SR_2013-002.pdf (1,739 KB)

Johnson, V. A. 2013. An impact evaluation of ShakeOut, an earthquake and tsunami drill in two coastal Washington state school districts, GNS Science Report 2013/19. 37 p. SR_2013-019.pdf (1,000 KB)


Becker, J.; McBride, S.; Paton, D. 2013. Improving community resilience in the Hawke’s Bay: A review of resilience research, and current public education, communication and resilience strategies, GNS Science Report 2012/38. 72 p. SR_2012-038.pdf (1,628 KB)

Coomer, M.A.; Tarrant, R.A.C.; Hughes, M.E. and Johnson, V. 2012. An earthquake emergency response and evacuation exercise in a New Zealand school: A 2011 case study report, GNS Science Report 2012/03. 16 p. SR_2012-003.pdf (789 KB)

Fraser, S.; Leonard, G.S.; Matsuo, I. and Murakami, H. 2012. Tsunami evacuation: Lessons from the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami of March 11th 2011, GNS Science Report 2012/17. 89 p. SR_2012-017.pdf (7,693 KB)

Johnston, D., Orchiston, C., Becker, J. (2012) Eastern Washington resident perceptions of natural hazard risk. GNS Science Report 2012/05. 31p. SR_2012-005.pdf (1,941 KB)

Lindsay, J.; Johnston, D.M. and Hughes, M.E., 2012. Building an evidence base for public education post the Canterbury earthquakes: A Research Workshop 13 September 2011, GNS Miscellaneous Series 41. 24 p. Misc_Series_41.pdf (955 KB)

Newell, J.; Beaven, S.; Johnston, D.M. 2012. Population movements following the 2010-2011 Canterbury Earthquakes: Summary of research workshops November 2011 and current evidence, GNS Miscellaneous Series 44. 23 p + Appendix C. Misc_Series_44.pdf (8,264 KB)

Phibbs, S. R.; Woodbury, E.; Williamson, K. J.; Good, G. A. 2012. Issues experienced by disabled people following the 2010-2011 Canterbury earthquake series: evidence based analysis to inform future planning and best practice guidelines for better emergency preparedness, GNS Science Report 2012/40. 54 p. Phibbs_et_al_SR 2012-040.pdf (1,098 KB)

Rouse, H. 2011. Flood risk management research in New Zealand: Where are we, and where are we going? GNS Science Report 2012/04. 77p. SR_2012-004.pdf (1,394 KB)

Wardman, J.; Sword-Daniels, V.; Stewart, C. and Wilson, T. 2012. Impact assessment of the May 2010 eruption of Pacaya volcano, Guatemala, GNS Science Report 2012/09. 90 p. SR_2012-009.pdf (5,480 KB)

Wright, K.C.; Coomer, M.A.; 2012. Public Alerting Options Recommendations for Waiheke and Great Barrier Islands, GNS Science Report 2012/13. 39 p. SR_2012-013.pdf (1,473 KB)


Becker, J.S.; Johnston, D.M.; Daly, M.C.; Paton, D.M.; Mamula-Seadon, L.; Petersen, J.; Hughes, M.E. and Williams, S. 2011. Building community resilience to disasters: A practical guide for the emergency management sector, GNS Science Report 2011/09. 44 p. SR_2011-009.pdf (2,598 KB)

Blackett, P. and Hume, T.M. 2011. Governance issues with respect to coastal erosion management in New Zealand, GNS Science Report 2011/34. 36 p. SR_2011-034.pdf (2,598 KB)

Gray, L.; Mackie, B.; MacDonald, C.; Paton, D.; Johnston, D. M.; Johal, S.; Cunningham, C.; Wenn, J.; Baker, M. 2011. Dynamics of an effective risk communication campaign for Influenza A (H1N1), GNS Science Report 2011/04. 47 p. SR_2011-04_H1N1.pdf (2,598 KB)

Johnston, D.M.; Coomer, M.A.; McClure, J.; Becker, J.S. and Wright, K.C.2011. A bibliography of social research on the earthquake risk in Wellington, New Zealand: 1848 to 2010, GNS Science Report 2011/11. 29 p. SR_2011-011.pdf (2,598 KB)

Johnston, D.M.; Leonard, G.S.; J. Becker; Garside, R.U. 2011. Evaluating warning response capacity and staff training in the tourism sector in coastal Washington, USA, GNS Science Report 2011/03 14 p. SR_2011-03_evaluating_warning_response.pdf (2,598 KB)

Johnston, D. M.; Ronan, K. R.; Finnis, K.; Leonard, G. S. 2011. Children’s understanding of natural hazards in Te Anau, New Zealand, following the 2003 earthquake, GNS Science Report 2011/05 18 p. SR_2011-05.pdf (2,598 KB)

Leonard, G. S.; Evans, N.; Prasetya, G.; Saunders, W.S.A.; Pearse, L.; Monastra, D. and Fraser, S. 2011. Scoping study for evaluating the tsunami vulnerability of New Zealand buildings for use as evacuation structures, GNS Science Report 2011/36 39 p.  SR_2011-036.pdf (1,988 KB)

Leonard, G. S.; Johnston, D. M.; Gregg, C.; Garside, R.; Saunders, W. S. A.; Becker, J. and Fraser, S.; 2011. Evaluation and recommendations for tsunami and lahar exercises in Washington State., GNS Science Report 2011/32, 51 p. SR_2011-032.pdf (2,598 KB)

Leonard, G.S. and Wright, K.C. 2011. Evaluation of Get Ready Get Thru The Vines, GNS Science Report 2011/01. 22p. SR_2011-01_get_thru.pdf (2,598 KB)

Pondard, N. and Daly, M., 2011. Natural hazards risk modelling: an approach providing risk management solutions for local government, GNS Miscellaneous Series 38. 12 p. Misc_Series_38_risk-modelling.pdf (2,598 KB)

Reese, R.; Becker, J. S.; Johnston, D. M.; Coomer, M. A. and Tuohy, R. 2011. Flood perceptions, preparedness and response to warnings in Kaitaia, Northland, New Zealand: Results from surveys in 2006 and 2009, GNS Science Report 2011/10. 90 p. SR_2011-010_flood-perceptions.pdf (2,598 KB)

Saunders, W.; Johnston, D.; Leonard, G.; Becker, J. 2011. Evacuation planning and preparedness: A case study of Seabrook, Washington State, GNS Science Report 2010/62 15 p. SR_2010-062_Evacuation_planning.pdf (488 KB)

Sword-Daniels, V.; Wardman, J.; Stewart, C.; Wilson, T.; Johnston, D. and Rossetto, T. 2011. Infrastructure impacts, management and adaptations to eruptions at Volcn Tungurahua, Ecuador, 1999-2010, GNS Science Report 2011/24. 73 p. SR_2011-024.pdf (2,598 KB)

White, J.; Stewart, C.; Wareham, D. and Wilson, T. 2011. Treatment of volcanic ash-contaminated surface waters through the optimisation of physical and chemical processes, GNS Science Report SR 2011/35. 34 p.  SR_2011-035.pdf (1,935 KB)

Winstanley, A.; Cronin, K.; Daly, M. 2011. Supporting communication around the Canterbury earthquakes and other risks: A learning workshop 7th April 2011, GNS Miscellaneous Series 37. 39 p. Misc_Series_37_supporting-communication.pdf (2,598 KB)


Becker, J.S. 2010. Understanding disaster preparedness and resilience in Canterbury: results of interviews, focus groups and a questionnaire survey, GNS Science Report 2010/50 97 p. SR_2010-050_Canterbury_Resilience.pdf (488 KB)

Johnston, D. M.; Tarrant, R. A. C.; Tipler, K.; Coomer, M. A.; Pedersen, S.;Garside, R. 2010. An earthquake emergency response and evacuation exercise in a New Zealand school: A case study report, GNS Science Report 2010/01 11 p. SR_2010-001_Earthquake_emergency_response-schools .pdf (488 KB)

Mackie, B. 2010. An annotated bibliography of recent research on pandemic preparedness, perceptions of risk and motivations for behaviour change, GNS Science Report 2010/40 24 p. SR_2010-040_Pandemic-preparedness.pdf (488 KB)

Stuart, K.; Patterson, L.; Peace, R.; Johnston, D. M. 2010. Social cohesion or social strain?: Temporary school closure in two New Zealand communities, GNS Science Report 2010/08 49 p. SR_2010-008_Stuart_et_al_School_closures.pdf (488 KB)

Tarrant, R. A. C.; Johnston, D. M. 2010. Preparedness to cope with hazards: A survey of Wellington Intermediate schools, GNS Science Report 2010/02 32 p. SR_2010-002_Preparedness_to cope_with_disasters_in_Wellington_schools .pdf (488 KB)

Tarrant, R.A.C. and Johnston, D. M. 2010. An investigation of the relationship between socio-economic status and hazards-preparedness in Intermediate school children, GNS Science Report 2010/19 15 p. SR_2010-019_hazards-preparedness_intermediate_schools.pdf (488 KB)

Tipler, K.; Tarrant, R.A.C.; Coomer, M.A.; Johnston, D. M. 2010. School children’s access to hazard education: An investigation to socio-economic status, GNS Science Report 2010/35 25 p. SR_2010-035_Hazard-education.pdf (488 KB)

Tuohy, R. J. 2010. Improving disaster preparedness of older adults living in the community, GNS Science Report 2010/07 22 p. SR_2010-007_disaster_preparedness_older_adults.pdf (488 KB)

Tuohy, R.J. 2010. Post-disaster recovery of adults, GNS Science Report 2010/09 29 p. SR_2010-009_post-disaster_recover_adults.pdf (488 KB)

Wright, K.; Doody, B. J.; Becker, J.; and McClure, J. 2010. Pedestrian and motorist flood safety study: a review of behaviours in and around floodwater and strategies to enhance appropriate behaviour, GNS Science Report 2010/51, 91 p. SR_2010-051_Flood_behaviour_report.pdf (488 KB)

Wright, K. C.; Johnston, D.M.; Becker, J.S. 2010. The recognition and understanding of severe weather advice in New Zealand: results of a 2009 survey, GNS Science Report 2010/65 12 p. SR_2010-065_severe_weather_advice.pdf (488 KB)


Becker, J. 2009. Observations from the Great Southern California Earthquake ShakeOut, GNS Science Report 2009/31. 24 p. SR_2009-31_Observations-Californian_earthquake.pdf (1,586 KB)

Bürgelt, P. T.; Paton, D.; Johnston, D. M. 2009. Factors and processes influencing individual and community preparedness for a pandemic outbreak in New Zealand, GNS Science Report 2009/09. 18 p. SR_2009-09_Factors_influencing_pandemic_preparedness.pdf (1,586 KB)

Coomer, M. A.; Johnston, D. M.; Wilson, T.; Becker, J. S.; Orchiston, C., Page, S. 2009. West Coast ShakeOut exercise September 18th 2009: Observation of the exercise on the West Coast, South Island, New Zealand, GNS Science Report 2009/65 13 p. SR_2009-65_West_Coast_ShakeOut_exercise_18-09-09.pdf (1,586 KB)

Forsyth, P.J. 2009. Planning on a retreating coastline: Oamaru, North Otago, New Zealand, GNS Science Report 2009/25. 57 p. SR_2009_25_Planning_for_retreating_coastline-Oamaru.pdf (1,586 KB)

Johnston, D.; Dolan, L.; Saunders, W.; van Schalkwyk, R.; Killeen, C.; Cousins, J.; Glavovic, B., Brown, C.; McIntyre, I. 2009. Disposal of debris following urban earthquakes: Guiding the development of comprehensive pre-event plans, GNS Science Report 2009/33 30 p. SR_2009-33_Debris_Disposal.pdf (1,586 KB)

Johnston, D. M.; Paton, D.; Saunders, W.; Coomer, M.A.; Frandsen, M.; Barton, D. 2009. Community awareness and understanding of tsunami risk in Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales: tabulated results of a 2008-2009 survey, GNS Science Report 2009/16  p.9. SR_2009-16_Community_awareness_tsunami.pdf (1,586 KB)

Glavovic B.C., Dryburgh, M. Chittenden. R. and D.M. Johnston (editors) 2009. Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Emergency Management and Social Science Disaster Research in New Zealand: Deepening and Extending the Dialogue, Wellington, 8th December 2008. GNS Science Miscellaneous Series 19. Proceedings_2nd_EM-SSDR_workshop_2009.pdf (1,586 KB)

Johnston, D.; Leonard, G.; Becker, J.; Saunders, W.; Gowan, M. 2009. Evaluating warning and disaster response capacity in the tourism sector in Long Beach and Ocean Shores, Washington, USA, GNS Science Report 2009/10. 10 p. SR_2009-10_Johnston-evaluating_warning_response_capacity-tourism_sector_Washington.pdf (1,586 KB)

Wilson, T. M.; Johnston, D. M.; Paton, D.; Houghton, R. 2009. Impacts and emergency response to the 12 June 2006 South Island snowstorm: tabulated results of a survey of responding organisations in the Canterbury Region, GNS Science Report 2008/40 p.66.  SR_2008-040_Wilson_et_al_Canterbury_snow_storm.pdf (2,085 KB)

Wilson, T. M.; Stewart, C; Cole, J. W.; Johnston, D. M.; Cronin, S. J., 2009. Vulnerability of farm water supplies to volcanic ash, GNS Science Report 2009/01 151 p. SR_2009-01_Wilson_et_al_vulnerability_of_farm_water_supplies_to_volcanic_ash.pdf (3,370 KB)


Becker, J.; Johnston, D.; Coomer, M.; Ronan, K. 2008. Flood risk perceptions, education and warning in four communities in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley, New South Wales, Australia – results of a questionnaire survey, February 2006, GNS Science Report 2008/02 70 p. SR 2008-002_WestSydney_Flood_Survey_06.pdf (2,085 KB)

Becker, J.; Johnston, D.; Ronan, K.; Coomer, M., 2008. Flood risk perceptions, education and warning in four communities in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley, New South Wales, Australia – Data report for a follow-up questionnaire, April 2008, GNS Science Report 2008/23 56 p. SR 2008_023_West_Syndey_flood_resurvey08.pdf (2,085 KB)

Coomer, M.A.; Johnston, D.M.; Edmonson, L.; Monks, D.; Pedersen, S.; Rodger, A. 2008. Emergency Management in Schools - Wellington Survey, GNS Science Report 2008/04. 32 p. SR_2008-04_EM_Wellington_schools.pdf (2,085 KB)

Forsyth, P.J. 2008. Natural Hazards in Canterbury - Planning for Reduction - Stage 2. GNS Science Report 2008/17. 41 p. SR_2008-17_Forsyth_2008_canty_planning.pdf (2,221 KB)

Glavovic B.C., Jones, K.S., Johnston, D.M. (editors) 2008. Proceedings of a Workshop on Emergency Management and Social Science Disaster Research in New Zealand. Wellington, 6th December 2007. GNS Science Miscellaneous Series 13. Proceedings_EM_Workshop_Dec-07.pdf (518 KB)

Gordon, R. 2008. A "Social Biopsy" of social process and personal responses in recovery from natural disaster, GNS Science Report 2008/09 14 p. SR_2008-09_Recovery_from_natural_disaster.pdf (2,085 KB)

Kaye, G.; Finnis, K.K.; Johnston, D.M.; Paton, D. 2008. Volcanic hazard awareness in the tourism sector in Mammoth lakes, California, USA. GNS Science Report 2008/35 13 p.   SR 2008-035_Kaye_et_al_Mammoth_Lakes_volcanic_awareness.pdf (2,085 KB)

Leonard, G. S.; Wright, K.C.; Smith, W.D.; Johnston, D. M., Kidd, A. 2008. An evaluation and decision making support tool for public notification systems in New Zealand. GNS Science Report 2008/34 p 72. SR_2008-034_Decision_tool-public_notification.pdf (2,085 KB)

Leonard, G.S.; Power, W.; Lukovic, B.; Smith, W.; Johnston, D.; Downes, G., 2008. Tsunami evacuation zones for Wellington and Horizons regions defined by a GIS-calculated attenuation rule, GNS Science Report 2008/30. 22p. SR_2008-030_Tsunami_evacuation_zones-Wellington_Manawatu.pdf (2,085 KB)

Paton, D. 2008. Modelling societal resilience to pandemic hazards in Auckland, GNS Science Report 2008/13 23 p. SR_2008-013_Societal_resilience_to_pandemic.pdf (2,085 KB)

Paton, D.; Johnston, D. M.; 2008. A means-end chain theory analysis of hazard cognitions and preparedness, GNS Science Report 2008/19 33p. SR_2008-19_Means-end_chain_theory_analysis.pdf (1,059 KB)

Spee, K. 2008. Community recovery after the 2005 Matata disaster: long-term psychological and social impacts, GNS Science Report 2008/12. 40p. SR_2008-012_Matata_recovery.pdf (2,085 KB)

Ward, J.: Becker, J. Johnston, D. 2008. Community participation in recovery planning - A case study from the 1998 Ohura flood, GNS Science Report 2008/22. 23p. SR_2008-022_Community_participation_in_recovery_planning_1998_Ohura_flood.pdf (2,085 KB)


Becker, J.; Johnston, D.; Coomer, R.; Ronan, K. 2007. Flood risk perceptions, education and warning in four communities in New South Wales, Australia – results of a questionnaire survey, November 2005, GNS Science Report 2007/30. 66p. SR 2007-030 Australia NSW Flood Survey 2005.pdf (518 KB)

Becker, J.S.; Stewart, C.; Coomer, M.; Hume, T.; Blackett, P.; Davies, A. 2007. Managing our coast: The tabulated results of two community surveys undertaken at Tairua and Waihi beach. GNS Science Report 2007/28. SR 2007-028 Waikato Coastal Survey of Waihi and Tairua.pdf (518 KB)

Becker, J.; Johnston, D.; Ronan, K.; Coomer, M. A., 2007. Flood risk perceptions, education and warning in four communities in New South Wales, Australia: Data report for a follow-up questionnaire, September 2007, GNS Science Report 2007/31 62 p. SR_2007-31_NSW_flood_resurvey_2007.pdf (518 KB)

Hudson, J.; Hughes, E. 2007. The role of marae and Maori communities in post-disaster recovery: a case study, GNS Science Report 2007/15. 51 p. SR 2007-015 Role of marae and Maori in post disaster recovery.pdf (518 KB)

Leonard, G.S.; Johnston, D.M.; Saunders, W.S.A. 2007. Hazard warning systems for the Gisbourne district: Assessment of options. GNS Science Report 2007/04. 72 p. SR 2007-04.pdf (518 KB)

Paton, D. 2007. Measuring and monitoring resilience in Auckland, GNS Science Report 2007/18. 88 p. SR 2007-018 Auckland Resilience.pdf (518 KB)

Stewart, C.; Johnston, D.M.; Nathan, S. (compilers) 2007. When disaster strikes: Collected disaster stories, GNS Science Report 2007/05. 51p. SR 2007-05 Disaster Stories.pdf (518 KB)

Stewart, C.; Wilson, T.; Becker, J.S.; Davies, A.; Coomer, M.; Hume, T. 2007. Coastal management in the Waikato Region: A study of the views of Coromandel beachgoers on coastal erosion and its management, January 2007, GNS Science Report 2007/21. SR 2007-021_Coromandel_beachgoer_interviews_compressedversion.pdf (518 KB)

Tsunami Working Group Signage Subcommittee, 2007. New Zealand national tsunami signage recommendations for CDEM Groups, GNS Science Report 2007/40, 39 p. 

Wilson, T.; Kaye, G.; Stewart, C.; Cole, J. 2007. Impacts of the 2006 eruption of Merapi volcano, Indonesia, on agriculture and infrastructure, GNS Science Report 2007/07. 69p. SR 2007-07 Impacts of the 2006 eruption of Merapi volcano.pdf (518 KB)


Davis, M.; Johnston, D.; Becker, J.; Leonard, G.; Coomer, M.; Gregg, C. 2006. Risk perceptions and preparedness: Mt Rainier 2006 community assessment tabulated results, GNS Science Report 2006/17. 43 p. SR 2006-17 Mt Rainier 2006 community assessment.pdf (999 KB)

Johnston, D.; Becker, J.; Coomer, M.; Ronan, K.; Davis, M.; Gregg, C. 2006. Children’s risk perceptions and preparedness: Mt Rainier 2006 hazard education assessment tabulated results, GNS Science Report 2006/16. 30p. SR 2006-16_Mt Rainier hazard education assessment.pdf (999 KB)