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Stuart Colin Carr, Molefe Maleka, Ines Meyer, Marie‑Louise Barry, Jarrod Haar, Jane Parker, James Arrowsmith, Christian Yao, Darrin Hodgetts, Harvey Jones, Amanda Young‑Hausner, Emeline Afeaki‑Mafile’o, Ann‑Helen Rasmussen, Siautu Alefaio‑Tugia, Ben Falealili, Kate Mafile’o, Tokilupe Pikula, Natassia Wolfgramm, Holika ‘Uhila, Yvonne Falealili, Arno Grueber, Leo Berlim, Emalata Hausia, Mary Ntsweng, Jafta Koza, Doutzen Groothof, Susan van Schie, Isabel Lyckholm & Abhigyan Naithani (2018). How can wages sustain a living? By getting ahead of the curve. Sustainability Science, doi: 10.1007/s11625-018-0560-7


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Maleka, M.J., Schultz, C., van Hoek, L., Dachapalli, L.P., &  Ragadu, S. (2017). Measuring employee engagement of low-income workers either working at or visiting Marabastad Mall in the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality. Journal of Economics and Behavioral Studies, 9(5), 74-82.

Yao, C., Parker, J., Arrowsmith, J., & Carr, S.C. (2017). The living wage as an income range for decent work and life. Employee Relations, 39(6), 875-887. doi: 10.1108/ER-03-2017-0071


Carr, S.C., Parker, J., Arrowsmith, J., & Watters, P.A. (2016). The Living Wage: Theoretical integration and an applied research agenda. International Labour Review, 155(1), 1-24. doi: 10.1111/j.1564-913X.2015.00029.x

Carr, S.C., Parker, J., Arrowsmith, J., Watters, P.A., & Jones, H. (2016). Can a 'living wage' springboard human capability? An exploratory study from New Zealand. Labour and Industry, 26(1), 24-39. doi: 10.1080/10301763.2016.1152533

Books and chapters


Parker, J., Carr, S.C., Arrowsmith, J., Haar, J., Yao, C., & Jones, H. (2017). Living Wages, Employment Relations, HRM and Poverty Eradication. In J. Parker (Ed.) The Big Issues in Employment: HRM and Employment Relations in Australasia. Auckland, New Zealand: CCH 

Parker, J., Carr, S.C., Arrowsmith, J., & Yao, C. (2017). From Living Wages to sustainable livelihood: What can applied psychology offer?. In S Groot, C. Van Ommen, B. Masters-Awatere & N Tassell-Matamua (Eds.) Precarity : uncertain, insecure and unequal lives in Aotearoa New Zealand. Auckland, New Zealand, Massey University Press.

Conferences and colloquia


Colloquium: Is a Living Wage bad for the economy?
10th June 2017; University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland.
Contributing to the Implementation of SDG 8 of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda by promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.
Programme, summary and presentations are available as PDF files from the CSEND website.