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Research dissemination activities

This page links to completed research engagement projects, and will provide additional information as other projects are completed.

Supporting transgender individuals and their partners

Five key ways to support the partners of transgender individuals:

Drawing on research exploring the experiences of partners of people undergoing a gender transition, these resources illustrate the importance of respect, support and understanding. They also identify key ways to support partners, such as respecting pronouns and educating yourself. The resources are available as high resolution pdf files suitable for printing as colour posters.

Becoming a distance student

Identifying and managing the challenges of first year distance study

Resources developed from Ella Kahu's doctoral research focus on different aspects of the students' experiences of distance study.  These resources provide some key messages for new students to help them succeed.

Findings from the Sexual Violence in Schools in South Africa (SeViSSA) baseline study

High rates of sexual violence normalised by and a culture of silence

The SeViSSA project aims to create safe school environments by dealing with violence against girls.

Two topic-focused research briefs translate key findings from the SeViSSA baseline study for dissemination to research participants, stakeholders, funders, and policy-makers.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Policy for NZ youth

Rethinking ‘risk’ in sexual and reproductive health policy: Implications for marginalised youth

Drawing on empirical evidence and analysis of the youth sexual and reproductive health policy, this Brief shows that the current risk-centred policy approach cannot truly fulfil the government’s aspirations for reducing disparities, reaching those “most in need”, and countering the stigmatisation of particular youth.
Rethinking 'Risk' in SRH Policy 2018.pdf (1,410 KB)

Young adults, drinking cultures and social networking

View our website and online resources at http://www.drinkingcultures.info/

Policy document

Our policy document reviews current local and international research and makes the case for the importance of greater regulation of alcohol marketing on social media sites.

Interactive infographic

This interactive infographic encourages young people to consider the implications of their interactions with alcohol brands via social media.