Psycurity Cluster


Massey Psycurity Research Cluster Responding to contemporary issues of freedom, privacy, governance and security not only makes a social contribution but opens up possibilities for Massey to be both a national and international leader of research in a new and developing area. This cluster will interrogate questions of citizenship, identity, culture, environment, communication, technology, society, governance and government, social responsibility as well as individual, community, national and international well-being.


Psycurity is a wider analysis of a sense of security and responses that individuals, groups and societies (collectives) make in the contemporary 21st security environment. We are interested in bringing together (1) the psychological perspective of the impact that the contemporary security environment has on individuals and collectives and (2) the security studies perspective of the impact that individuals and collectives have on the contemporary security environment. We are interested in the processes involved with engaging of issues of security or safety. These processes are psychological, physical, political, economic, social, cultural actions, behaviours or practices. This sense of security and processes engaged around security can be examined at both individual and collective levels

Security is very broad and can involve military security, national security, food security (famine, hunger), health security (disease, inadequate health care), economic security (poverty, homelessness, jobs), environmental security (pollution, natural disasters), community security (oppression, discrimination) , political security( repression, human rights violations) and personal security (physical violence, psychological ).

This cluster is an interdisciplinary team of researchers from the Centre of Defence and Strategic Studies (CDSS) and the School of Psychology. This cluster was specifically formed to iterate the nexus between Psychology and Security Studies.


Veronica Hopner - Auckland
Kerry Chamberlain - Auckland
Stuart Carr - Auckland
Darrin Hodgetts - Auckland

Members outside the School of Psychology
Rhys Ball - Centre for Defence and Security Studies (CDSS) – Auckland
Nick Nelson - Centre for Defence and Security Studies (CDSS) – Auckland


Veronica Hopner